Word of mouth continues to be the most effective recruiting tool for the Free State Project. Your word, your mouth. If you would like to get involved, please contact us.

What are some things you can you do to help?

Work on an Event: Lend a hand with Liberty Forum or PorcFest! Volunteer to help with event planning, suggest a speaker you know, or run a session or two.

Share: Distribute information about the FSP to friends, family, and fellow pro-freedom political activists at liberty-friendly events, gun shows, rallies, meetings, wherever. We have brochures, flyers, etc. plus documents (like the Statement of Intent, Participation Guidelines, and FAQs) available.

Speak: Contact libertarian-friendly groups, such as your local Libertarian or Constitution Party chapter, and ask them to invite someone from the Free State Project to speak at one of their events.

Be the Media! Call or e-mail your local talk radio and mention the FSP when the topic is appropriate. Write a letter to the editor about or mentioning the Free State Project.

Publish: Write an article about or referring to the FSP, preferably in a periodical or web site with a high number of libertarian-leaning readers. If you are interested in blogging on the FSP website, let us know.

Use the Web: Talk up the FSP on Facebook and in the discussion forums you frequent. If you have a web site, link to FreeStateProject.org. Arrange and finance FSP advertisements in your favorite periodical, radio show, blog, e-zine, or web site.

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