Bag of 50 FSP Copper Rounds

Bag of 50 FSP Copper Rounds

They're shiny, they're heavy, they're awseome! Now available, one AV ounce Free State Project Copper Rounds in a bag of 50. Same basic design as the FSP Silver Round (you do already have one of those, yes?) with the FSP logo and porc on the obverse and "The maximum role of government is the protection of life, liberty, and property" on the reverse.

Specifications (approx.): * Weight: One avoirdupois (AV) Ounce (Avg 442.39 grains over 20 samplings from 3 containers) * Diameter: 39mm (1 9/16 inch) * Thickness: 3.5mm (at edge) (2/16 inch) * Fineness: .999 Copper * Beautification Factor: 9.35b * Awesomeness Rating: Off the chart!


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