Website Migration Project

Project Status: 
In Progress (Being worked on)

The purpose of this project is to migrate all usable content from the old website to the new.

Once this project is complete, all useful content will be available on the new site, appropriately organized into sections. None of the irrelevant and confusing content from the old site will be present.

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Angela H and Kristine B trained with Louis C, and are up to speed on how to migrate information from the old FSP site to the new one. Angela is writing a procedure in order to train others. It isn't difficult, just detailed.

Priority to migrate starts with BOD meeting minutes, bylaws, essays by Jason Sorens, to start with.

Kristine is currently classifying the information to be moved over, Migrate/Ignore/KB? (if unsure whether it should be migrated.)

Angela and Kristine are working on migrating the BOD meeting minutes.
Louis is migrating data after it has been cleaned and marked complete for migration.

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Done: Kristine B has gotten over 1/3 of the files classified in the Content Index. Next Up: KB will continue to classify, AH & KB will migrate BOD meetings as it fits into our schedules. Goal: To have the Content Index classified by November 6th

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Done: I have coded another 600 entries in this database.
Next Up: Continue classifying entries.
Goal: I hope to be able to make my self imposed Nov 6th deadline. There are roughly 650 entries left to classify.

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Categorizing all of the entries in the Content Index are complete. Next up: Louis, Carla, Kristine need to have a meeting to figure the next steps. Continuous: Angela H and Kristine continue to clean up the Board of Directors Meeting Minutes for immediate migration.

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Angela and Kristine continue to work on the BOD meeting migrations.

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If you need a computer technical resource, I'm retired from a life as a road warrior consulting for Fortune 500 companies supporting ERP software. I am quite experienced at migrations, and depending on the language you use I have many decades of programming design and implementaion experence plus database management and system administration - among other skills.

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