Website Development Project

Project Status: 
In Progress (Being worked on)

This long-running "project" aims to support the FSP's initiatives with new and improved features on the website. In particular, it aims to establish and grow a robust publishing platform, provide communication and collaboration tools, and tight integration with social media platforms.

New features and modifications to support other FSP projects will be added promptly, based on prioritization by stakeholders. The content publishing and editing process will be easy to use. There will be on-site tools for users to interact, and content and conversations will be tightly integrated with the FSP's Facebook presence.

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Done: Several features / content items added to support the Mover Update project, including making the 13in13 certificates available in the store; Exported and formatted all the content from the old site for the Website Migration project.

Next up: Recurring donations; Beefing up project pages with team members and comment notifications; Donation / merchandise purchase reports for the treasurer.

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Done: Contributed modules update (maintenance); Fixed bug in editing pre-vote NH resident Participants' membership records; Reported all the email templates in use for review.

In progress: Recurring donations; Tweet block in sidebar.

Next up: Store transaction report; Dedicated Trigger the Move donation page.

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Done: Monthly recurring donations; Check payment instructions modified to include Bitcoin; Security update; Publish/un-publish button for editors; Un-threaded comments.

In progress: Trigger the Move page update with monthly donations.

Next up: Store transaction report (for Treasurer); Comment notifications & team members for projects.

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Done: Fixed login problems due to IP flood control; Installed new website SSL certificate.

In progress: Trigger the move donations.

Next up: Preventing spam registrations; Uploading T-shirt images to store; Transaction report; Comment notifications & team members for projects.

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Done: Turned on double opt-in for newsletter to reduce spam signups; Updated Trigger the Move donations to automatically recur.

Next up: Dealing with mounting spam registrations; Signup conversion tracking in Google Analytics; Transaction report; Comment notifications and team members for projects.

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It seems there are early movers who get here and then "no one ever contacts them," so they remain disconnected from the community for years. Would it be possible for the web site to send out probe emails maybe once a quarter? "Do we still have correct contact info for you? Are you still committed to moving to NH? Have you already moved?" And when someone indicates that they've moved, it would be nice if the site would fire off an email with some pointers for connecting with the local community: Facebook groups to join, the NH Liberty Calendar, etc. It's terrible that there are porcs living here but feeling totally alone.

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