Mover Update Project

Project Status: 

The purpose of this project is to update the FSP's information about movers, and to collect feedback on, and possibly additions to, the new moving guide on the website. This information will be used to assign mover numbers, and to enable automatic mover number assignments in future. A general call to update move status will be made first, since some movers have not yet let us know.

The information that will be gathered includes:

  1. The state of origin, useful in guiding the FSP's marketing efforts. On the old website, the state of origin was overwritten when movers updated their addresses to New Hampshire.
  2. The move date, to be used to determine the mover number.
  3. The Mover / In New Hampshire number on the website after the move status was updated, if known.
  4. Any feedback on the new move section on the website, to elicit additions and changes based on real mover experiences.

After the mover numbers have been established, movers will be able to obtain their move numbers on the website. The website will also be able to automatically assign mover numbers when users update their move status. The feedback gathered on the move section will have created a better and more useful move section. The signer certificates sold by the 13in13 project can have the correct mover numbers on them. The FSP will also be able to use the state of origin data to guide their marketing efforts.

Photo by Tom Godber

Pat Howard (not verified)

I was a voting member of FSP and would like to know what number am i on the list of people that first signed up for FSP and I moved there from Austin Texas in August 2006 and would like to know what number I am of the people that actually moved moved there? Thanks,

fspadmin's picture

Pat - you'll receive a mover update request soon, to gather a couple of key items of data to help us accurately determine mover numbers. After we've gathered that information from all the movers, and made the calculation, we'll update you with your mover number. You can view your signer number right now by logging into the site and viewing your account page (My account in the top menu bar after you log in).

ChrisLopez's picture

Last week we sent out the Mover Update Survey and have begun to process the data into the website. Thank you for responding! If you have moved and did not receive the survey, please take a moment to check your Spam folder. We've gotten through 100 movers so far and have a ways to go, so we appreciate your patience as we calculate everyone's mover number.

ChrisLopez's picture

The mover update project is progressing nicely with another 100 movers status updated last week.

ChrisLopez's picture

All surveys that were initially submitted were processed last week and another round of updates have come in since the announcement on Facebook. Many movers are replying with a different email address than what is on their account. Please take a moment to log in to your account to ensure that we have the correct email address on file :)

ChrisLopez's picture

Another reminder came out today for people to update their mover status. Don't forget that after Nov. 25th, if we have not received your survey, we will assign one for you. We updated less than 50 movers last week and anticipate updating over 100 this week because of the reminder.

ChrisLopez's picture

We've received surveys from about a third of the 1,500 movers. We will take another week to round up some more responses and begin our calculations next week.

ChrisLopez's picture

We received just over 400 responses to our mover number survey and are expecting to be done calculating the results by the end of this week. We will make an announcement when this is done and each mover has been assigned a number. A person can find their number by logging in and checking their account.

ChrisLopez's picture

Thank you movers for your patience while we have been gathering and then tabulating the results of our Mover Update Survey. We will be sending out a personal email this week or next to let you know what your mover number is.

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