Projects that are being worked on by volunteers, are ready to start pending volunteers stepping up, or have been completed. Some projects are tracked in Trello, an easy-to-use project management tool.

There are many projects in progress, not all of them published here yet - expect more soon...

Membership and General Administration

This is a long-running "project", to: Manage Participant and other support requests; Provide information and direction to people seeking answers to questions; Mail welcome letters; Assist people that visit New Hampshire; And, other general administrative activities.

Marketing Blitz Project

The purpose of this project is to do a marketing push advertising the FSP to potential new signers in receptive audiences, and to evaluate long-term advertising partners and strategies.

Website Development Project

This long-running "project" aims to support the FSP's initiatives with new and improved features on the website. In particular, it aims to establish and grow a robust publishing platform, provide communication and collaboration tools, and tight integration with social media platforms.

Newsletter Production

To keep in touch with Participants and Friends, a monthly newsletter is produced, containing newsworthy updates, mover stories, and announcements. Statistics for newsletter sends can be viewed in the spreadsheet below. For past issues of the newsletter, see the newsletter section.

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