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Freakonomics Covers Free State Project

Freakonomics Radio does a show called "Ten Signs You Might be a Libertarian." The Free State Project and PorcFest are covered, starting around 19:30.

Click HERE to hear what FSP founder Jason Sorens, Porcupine Real Estate founder Mark Warden, former FSP president Carla Gericke, and some recent and future movers have to say.

Join the most audacious liberty movement in the world! Our premier winter conference, Liberty Forum, will take place in downtown Manchester. Details and tickets coming soon!

Persuasion on a Local Level

Today, two FSP early movers are featured in two of New Hampshire's largest newspapers. First, is an excellent piece in the Union Leader about school choice called "NH education goes through the looking glass" by Ian Underwood of Bardo Farm. In the Concord Monitor is Edward Smith's "Libertarians have solutions for high prescription prices." Do libertarian ideas get published in your local newspapers? Bet not! Just another reason to join the Free State Project and move to New Hampshire as part of the most innovative and effective liberty movement in the world. The art of persuasion is way more fun when you are in good company, and surrounded by folks who are willing to listen and learn.

Reason asks: Is the FSP Having an Impact?

Nick Gillespie from Reason.TV sat down with the Free State Project's new President Matt Philips at FreedomFest. At the end, Nick says, "Move to New Hampshire, you won't be sorry!" Thanks Nick!

NH #1 Place for Families to Live a Richer Life

"Finding the right place to live a richer life isn’t easy, so GOBankingRates researched and evaluated all 50 states and the District of Columbia to identify which states provided the best income, housing, healthcare and schooling opportunities." Guess which state ranks best? You got it! New Hampshire, of course. The Granite State is the best state for families to live a richer life. With low crime rates, highly rated schools, low unemployment, and low child care costs, New Hampshire is impossible to beat. When will YOU be moving?

New Hampshire (counterintuitively, click on 51 here to see all of New Hampshire's details): Jobs and Income Score: 87; Housing Score: 42; Lifestyle Score: 83; Healthcare Score: 39; Safety Score: 69.

Guess which place came in dead last? Washington DC. Surely this is proof positive that our overlords are bad at everything!

Photo credit: Glen Aldrich

New Hampshire Reclaims #1 on Freedom in the 50 States Index

Color-coded map of the Freedom in the 50 States rankings | Cato Institute

Manchester, NH: According to the 2016 "Freedom in the 50 States" report released by the Cato Institute, New Hampshire is once again the freest state in the U.S. This report ranks American states by looking at more than 230 public policy variables affecting individual freedoms in the economic, social, and personal spheres.

New Hampshire’s economic freedom ranking has improved continuously since 2008, and its personal freedom ranking has increased significantly since 2006. Factors influencing New Hampshire's improved ranking include: tax cuts after the 2010 elections; the repeal of the certificate of need requirement for new hospital construction; telecom deregulation; liberalization of same-sex partnerships well before federal court decisions required it; enactment of a new tax credit program for school choice; and a new medical marijuana law.

PorcFest Covered Tonight on The Stossel Show

Today's Union Leader article by John Stossel mentions PorcFest.

Says Stossel:

"I recently paid a visit to an annual libertarian gathering in New Hampshire called PorcFest. Porc refers not to politicians’ wasteful and self-serving pork-barrel spending, but to porcupines, a libertarian mascot.

Porcupines leave you alone, unless you attack them, and they have sharp quills for self-defense.

The people at PorcFest don’t believe in waiting for good politicians to come along. They know that rarely happens. They try to live their lives as much as possible as if government doesn’t exist.

Many carry guns for self-defense, enjoy weed without checking local laws and use digital currency instead of government-printed dollars. For the most part, local authorities tolerate it, knowing the PorcFest participants behave well and clean up after themselves.

FSP Board Minutes - July 24, 2016

FSP Board Meeting
Time/Date: 3:00p Sunday, July 24, 2016
Location: Carla’s house
Attending: Carla, Jody, Matt, Rich (tele), Séamas, Dave Butler

Meeting called to order at: 3:20pm


  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. President’s Report
  3. Board
    1. Jody resigning
    2. Dave Butler joining
    3. Séamas resigning as Treasurer, Emmett assuming office
    4. new Secretary
  4. Old Business
    1. What is the mission of the FSP?
    2. Future of Liberty Forum and PorcFest
    3. Reflection on the decision to ban Ian Freeman from FSP events
  5. New Business
    1. Amend Bylaws to:
      1. remove office of Vice President
      2. modernize description of Secretary responsibilities
      3. clarify emergency meeting protocol
      4. clarify “significant contribution” expected from board members


Free State Project Board of Directors Updates

There’s an old saying: nothing endures but change. Here at the Free State Project, things they are a-changin’:

After more than five years on the board, Jody Underwood is stepping down. We would like to thank her for her years of service. During her tenure, Jody served as Secretary, acted as a voice of reason, and was a valuable contributor to the organization in many different ways. She travelled to conferences to promote the FSP and got scores of people to pledge to move, she arranged speakers for our events bringing in subject matter experts to share their wisdom with us, she made significant financial contributions, she spoke frequently at FSP events, and, as part of the Bardo Farm crew, managed PorcFest’s annual Newbie Shoot and Pig Roast. And, of course, you’ve probably seen her dancing somewhere. Jody is an inspiration to us all for her ability to exert the fullest practical effort toward achieving Liberty in Our Lifetime. She is owed a great debt of gratitude, and we wish her well on her future adventures. Can’t wait to see what she does next! (Hint: It will probably have something to do with school choice.)

Excellent Interview with FSP Founder Jason Sorens

Today the Free State Project turns 15! Check out this excellent independently made interview with Dr. Jason Sorens, founder of the FSP. He chats to early mover and cookbook author Randy Clemens about the organization's past, present, and future. They delve into a myriad of topics--well worth a watch!

New Mover Shares Insights on Moving to NH

Recently Retta Fontana of Strike the Root did an exclusive interview with FSP new(ish) mover Cameron Barr. She says:

"I love to see a young man follow his heart, especially when it is for such a noble concept like freedom. It takes courage and tenacity. So few people do it these days.

I met Cameron Barr back in Detroit a few years ago at the Statist Recovery House, one of my favorite haunts. He impressed me as a good, intelligent young man who was thoroughly disgusted with tyranny. He has an open mind, he’s a lot of fun and he became my good friend. Did I mention that he’s humble? (Yes - that rarest of qualities!) Cameron is the kind of man you want on board the cause of 'liberty in our lifetime.'

Cameron relocated to New Hampshire to join the Free State Project. Or rather, he joined and then moved to New Hampshire. The following is from an interview he recently granted me."

Activists Seek Answers on Police Militarization After 5 Hour Lockdown

Liberty activists and West Manchester residents came together yesterday to address the escalation and use of militarized police tactics in Manchester.

Approximately 60 people peacefully gathered at City Hall Plaza holding signs like “More Mayberry, Less Fallujah,” “Lock Downs are for Prisons,” and “Free People Move Freely.”

Former FSP president, Carla Gericke, addressed the crowd as a West Manchester resident affected by the recent neighborhood lockdown (see speech below). Several city residents also testified before the mayor and city council.

Says the Union Leader:

"A liberty activist said the New Hampshire Attorney General should make a legal inquiry into the shelter-in-place order issued last month by the Manchester police after they arrested a suspect for the non-fatal shooting of two police officers.

Education Activism Track at PorcFest XIII is Exceptional-Don't Miss It!

We've set up an exceptional Education Activism track at PorcFest this year! The sessions will be at noon each day in the Pavilion, with an extra session Friday 10:30am. You don’t want to miss any of them!

Monday: James Davis
Trusting Young People: Lessons Learned from a Coercion-Free Summer Camp
James's stories from running a free-range kid summer camp (with 100+ kids!) paint a very different picture from what many suspect would happen.

Tuesday: Jon Trossbach and Ken Danford
North Star: Self-Directed Learning for Teens
“Learning is natural. School is optional.” That's the slogan of Self-Directed Learning for Teens, a community-based, independent learning program for teens.

Carla Gericke, Former FSP President to Pursue Bold New Challenge

Earlier this year, New Hampshire was cited as the wealthiest standalone state in the developed world. Think about that for a second... New Hampshire beat countries like Luxembourg, Norway, and Switzerland. The great Granite State is the little state that can.

Today, the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence announced that former FSP president, Carla Gericke, has joined this 501c3 educational nonprofit organization as its new president. Says Gericke:

Relocate to the Great State of NH

From today's Union Leader:

"NEW HAMPSHIRE is looking for several thousand individuals to relocate to a great state, pay no sales or income tax, and enjoy good schools and a safe environment, all within an hour or two from beaches, lakes, mountains and cities.

Sporting a low 2.6 percent unemployment rate, employers across the Granite State are clamoring for you, out-of-staters, to come to New Hampshire and stay, work and play here. Once you do, you won’t want to leave. These high quality jobs come from a diverse base of organizations. Use your soft skills, love of technology, interest in advanced manufacturing, or many other areas as you consider joining our New Hampshire team. As an added benefit, you could meet the next President of the United States during our rousing political season. Contact a Granite State company now!"


The PorcFest One Pot Cook-Off, hosted by the Liberty Ladies of NH, is celebrating its 10th anniversary and we want you to join the party!!

For our judges, it's a culinary scavenger hunt and unique dinner experience! As one of PorcFest’s most delicious and longest running events, the Cook-Off is a lot of fun and a great way to connect with friends, old and new. For our contestants, it's a friendly but fierce cooking competition! FREE to enter and everyone goes home with prize $$$! Cook right at your site and the judges come to you. You provide your winning main dish one-pot entry and we’ll provide the rest!

Rain or shine, the celebration will be Thursday, 6/23 @ 4:30pm!
Visit: or contact Edi Swearingen at, for tickets and/or contestant registration, today!

Free State Project on NHPR: Hour-Long Interview

Yesterday, FSP founder Jason Sorens and former FSP president Carla Gericke chatted to NHPR about the Free State Project. They were joined by Drew Cline, communications consultant in Bedford and the former editorial page editor of the New Hampshire Union Leader, and Dan Eaton, 13-term Democratic Representative from Stoddard.

From NHPR:

"Recently, this movement announced success in its plan to encourage twenty-thousand libertarian-minded people from around the country to move to New Hampshire. And already, Free Staters have had an influence on Granite State politics, although it's not always been welcome. We'll check in on this project and its impact."

Listen now.

Looking for a Tech/Sales Job? Dyn is Looking for You!

Dyn is a cloud-based Internet Performance Management (IPM) company based in downtown Manchester that provides unrivaled visibility and control into cloud and public Internet resources. Dyn’s platform monitors, controls and optimizes applications and infrastructure through Data, Analytics, and Traffic Steering, ensuring traffic gets delivered faster, safer, and more reliably than ever.

The company just closed on a $50 million round of financing, and is planning to heavily step up its hiring. Check out current openings, which include both tech, sales and support positions, here. From today's Union Leader:

"Dyn, a thriving Millyard technology company, expects to add hundreds of jobs in New Hampshire over the next five years after it received $50 million in funding."

Want Freedom? Consider the Porcupine Option

The American Conservative takes an in-depth look at the Free State Project with this thoughtful and enlightening discussion between Rod Dreher and FSP founder Jason Sorens.

"Sorens and other Free State activists chose New Hampshire as the site of their experiment, attracted by the state’s small population and tradition of flinty New England individualism. Some Free Staters didn’t wait for the group to cross the 20,000 threshold: they pulled up stakes and moved straight to the granite hills. Sorens was among them—two years ago, he took a position as a lecturer at Dartmouth College in Hanover.

In February, the Free State Project finally reached its target number of pledges. 'It’s resonating with people who are really looking for solutions,' Carla Gericke, the group’s [then] president, told the Associated Press on the occasion. 'A lot of people like to sit around and complain, and what this really is, is activist-driven. These are people who have goals and want to see them achieved.'”


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