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Calling FSP Signers: John in CA

Participant: John in California
Signed the Statement of Intent in: 2003
Age at Signing: 20

When John signed the Statement of Intent, he was a pretty active libertarian. He soon earned his undergraduate degree at Berkeley and then went on to earn a doctorate studying remote sensing, satellite imagery and ecology.

John is now 33 and is still living in California. For a while he drifted to a more moderate stance, but recently he's started feeling more libertarian again. He just visited his sister in New Hampshire - she was very interested in the FSP when he was looking for jobs. He thinks it wouldn’t be all that crazy of a thing to move to the state.

Caller’s thoughts: What a totally cool guy! I want to be his friend. He is VERY interested in the e-mail I’ll be sending with more information. He’ll contact me if he comes out for PorcFest or visits his sister in NH so we can get together and meet. I told him about the community, how great it is, and he seemed super excited! This just made my day! --Kristine B.

  • Aug 8 2017 

Heard in New Hampshire

"It's full blown blueberry season!" ~Emily Smith

"Bit-curious? Make new connections with cool neighbors this Friday night and get your Bitcoin questions answered! Everyone from "never used Bitcoin" to "long-time power-users" welcome! Find out why some call Portsmouth the Bitcoin Capital of the World!" ~Derrick J. Freeman

"What's in season at Harmony Farm? Duck! 6.50 /lb, average bird 5-7 lbs, ready for pick-up tomorrow, also chard, and cucumbers. Won't be long on the tomatoes and peppers! Accepting Bitcoin and Dash." ~Denise Vogt, Harmony Farm and Garden

"It is great to have a Governor that is cutting 1,600+ unnecessary business regulations, signing Constitutional Carry, decriminalizing cannabis, legalizing firecrackers, gutting the Department of Education, reducing gambling regulations, and so much more!" ~Keith

(Photo by Sarah Chamberlain)

  • Aug 2 2017 

Septic Tanks | Real Estate in the Free State

Real Estate in the Free State

Much of New Hampshire is rural, with homes sitting on parcels of an acre or more. Are you thinking of buying a home with its own well and a septic system?

Septic systems are common in the suburbs and more rural areas where municipal sewers are not available. How does it work? The septic system is a self-contained, underground waste water treatment system. It consists of a septic tank and a drainage system (leach field). The septic tank is a large, watertight container. It can be made of concrete, steel, fiberglass, or polyethylene.

  • Aug 1 2017 

Brittany and Jeremy Create Sanctuary in the Free State

The Couple's Two Cats

My husband Jeremy and I are originally from two small towns in Western NY: Avon and Byron. We were looking for change in the spring of 2013 when we finally decided to move to Charleston, SC. By October 2014, we were settled in Charleston!

We were only in South Carolina for a few months before we first saw the 101 Reasons: Liberty Lives in New Hampshire documentary. We were both very intrigued, but we really thought Charleston was our new home. A few years went by, and after dealing with a few tornado scares, a hurricane, taxes going up, and a massive flood of people to a very SMALL area, we decided to move out of the Low Country and back up to the Northeast.

During the growing pains in Charleston, one place kept coming up in conversation: New Hampshire. We got married in Buffalo, NY, in October of 2016 and decided to have a mini-moon in Goffstown, NH, in a STUNNING Airbnb on Mount Uncanoonuc (we highly recommend it). We were hooked after that stay! We finally arrived in Manchester in June with our two cats.

Free State Project Goes to Vegas for Freedom(Fest)

FreedomFest 2017 panel with Carla Gericke, Lyn Ulbricht, Doug Casey, Jeff Tucker, Jeff Berwick

For the fifth year in a row, I barely recovered from PorcFest only to make the annual summer pilgrimage to the mecca of libertinism for the three-day FreedomFest conference.

I shook hands with Sen. Mike Lee (who hadn't heard of the FSP - but has now), Rep. Justin Amash (who had), and Rep. Thomas Massie (who, after I introduced myself, said "If you guys had picked NH one year earlier, I would have stayed there - I lived there until 2003!" Darn.) Of course, all were invited to come to the Free State.

FreedomFest is billed as the largest gathering of libertarians, and at just over two thousand attendees it might be...if you use a very broad definition of the term 'libertarian'. In attendance were many older, moderate, mainstream Republicans who lean toward free market principles but barely even qualify as minarchists. It’s not very rich recruiting grounds for FSP movers or donors, which is why we didn't sponsor or have a table this year. Instead, I did a lot of speed-networking with other activists in the exhibit hall and the bar.

July 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Time/Date: Sunday, July 16, 2017, 3:00pm
Location: Murphy’s Taproom Boardroom, Manchester
Attending: Matt, Jason, Rich (remote), Dave, Christine, Jessica, Rodger, Rachel

Meeting called to order at 3:09pm by Jason.

April 2017 meeting’s minutes adopted with no objections.


  1. Secretary
  2. President’s Report
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Old Business


Perfecting Your Resume for an Out-of-State Job

By Michelle Dumas

Q. Prospective employers in NH won't even look at my résumé because it is clear I am living and working in Idaho right now. Is there anything I can do to get around this?
A. When hiring managers receive a résumé from an out-of- state candidate, several of their first concerns are almost always the time, costs, and logistics of hiring and transitioning that candidate. It is less costly and much faster and easier to interview and hire the local candidate. While this is less of an issue for job seekers pursuing very specialized or high-level, hard-to- fill positions, the bias will still fall in favor of the local candidate, all else being equal.

So, when you begin actively applying for positions and submitting your résumé, is there anything you can do to improve your chances of consideration?

While you don’t want to be deceitful in any way, there is no reason to advertise your current location.

Remove your current address from your résumé. Including a specific street address on your résumé has become far less common in recent years, so not including one on your résumé won’t raise any red flags.

  • Jul 25 2017 

Origin Stories: Brian Maximizes his Freedom with a Minimalist Life in New Hampshire

I am a father, anarchist, minimalist, business owner, and systems engineer. I have traveled throughout the country, cruised around the Caribbean, and visited Europe. I have lived my whole life in the small town of Bergen, NY. It is a great community, with the unfortunate geographic issue of being located in the least free state in the country.

I have been searching for liberty my whole life, but for a while I didn’t know what that really meant. I never bought in to the political party system and division tactics. I never registered to vote or participated in this corrupt and manipulated system. The first half of my life, I ignored the political system as much as possible. It was 9/11 that shook me awake, and I realized that the beast wasn’t going away. I spent the next 10 years engulfed in the alternative world news, from Alex Jones to Occupy Wall St, RT, and on and on. It was a bit overwhelming to say the least (especially Alex!).

Heard in New Hampshire

"I just want to thank everyone involved in putting on the NHLA dinner last night; it was wonderful -- from the speakers, to the food, awards, and everything else." ~Paul Best

"Was honoured to have received an A+ rating for Liberty legislation voting record. #NHLA" ~Kevin Avard

"I attended last night's NHLA annual Liberty Dinner and there were many shout outs for Constitutional Carry. Several people commented that it was our work at the Women's Defense League -- turning it into a discrimination and women's issue, that made the difference. Special shout out to our fearless Legislative Director, Susan Olsen, and all who contributed to our legislative and activism work." ~Michelle Levell, Chairwoman of the Women's Defense League of New Hampshire

PorcFest 2017 Wrap-up

PorcFest 2017 group photo

Whew! Finally recovering here at Porcupine HQ from last month's fourteenth-annual Porcupine Freedom Festival. Right off the bat, I'll confirm that yes, there were fewer attendees this year - a little over a thousand versus last couple years closer to 1,500. There are probably several factors that go into that - some we know about and are already working to correct for next year.

Everyone I spoke to enjoyed themselves immensely, and felt like it was one of the top PorcFests. High-caliber conversations, a chance to meet and spend time with fellow activists and future movers, and great content and activities including: Patrick Byrne, Reason Magazine, Dale Brown, Lyn Ulbricht, Tatiana Moroz, Porcupints, Adult Summer Camp, Beergasm, Judd Weiss Photo Workshop, and Daily Doggy Meetups!

Heard in New Hampshire

"Today's heat drove us to the ocean. We love Rye Beach on the beautiful Freecoast!" ~Sarah Chamberlain

"Signed this year: Constitutional carry, cannabis decriminalisation, expanded medical cannabis, cryptocurrency deregulation, overdose immunity, hair braiding licencing repeal, firecracker legalisation, legalised needle exchange, allowing brewpubs to make cider, greater vaccine options at pharmacies, and now town tuitioning freedom! Tired of spinning your wheels everywhere else? Get tired of winning instead, in New Hampshire!" ~Neal Conner

"My heart is full tonight. I was present today to see the Governor sign a bill in support of more freedom thanks to the hard work of many, many wonderful people I have the honor of calling my friends. My great grandmother's farm was called Perseverance. Underestimate our burning desire and will to build a peaceful and prosperous place at your peril." ~Carla Gericke

April 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Time/Date: 3:00p Sunday, April 23, 2017
Location: Carla’s House & Online
Attending: Matt, Jason (remote), Carla, Dave (remote), Rich (remote), Rachel, Christine (remote), Rodger

Meeting called to order at: 15:03 by Jason


  1. Last meeting's minutes
  2. President’s Report
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Board
  • Rodger Paxton
  • Christine/secretary
  • Old Business
    • Amend Bylaws to
      • remove office of Vice President
      • modernize description of Secretary responsibilities
      • clarify emergency meeting protocol
      • clarify “significant contribution” expected from board members
      • Checking on recognitions of Seamas and Jody announced at LF
  • New Business
    • 2017 budget
    • Signer Survey
    • Define KPIs for president
    • Discuss splitting traditional role of prez/executive director into 2 roles, with Rachel taking on executive director role
    • FSP as pro-liberty NH news syndicator
    • Counting Free Staters


    January 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

    Time/Date: 3:00p Sunday, January 29, 2017
    Location: Carla’s House & Online
    Attending: Matt, Jason (remote), Carla, Dave (remote), Rich (remote), Rachel, Christine (remote)

    Meeting called to order at: 15:08 by Jason


    1. Last meeting's minutes
    2. President’s Report
    3. Treasurer’s Report
    4. Board
    • Séamas recognition
    • Board member additions
  • Old Business
    • Amend Bylaws to
      • remove office of Vice President
      • modernize description of Secretary responsibilities
      • clarify emergency meeting protocol
      • clarify “significant contribution” expected from board members
  • New Business
    • 2017 budget
    • Mover Survey Analysis and feedback
    • Counting Free Staters
    • Liberty Forum 2018


    October 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

    Time/Date: 3:00p Sunday, October 23, 2016
    Location: Carla’s house
    Attending: Carla, Jason, Jody, Matt, Rich (tele), Séamas (tele)

    Meeting called to order at: 3:13pm


    1. President’s Report
    2. Treasurer’s Report
    3. Board
    • Séamas resigning
    • New board members
  • Old Business
    • What is the mission of the FSP?
    • Future of Liberty Forum and PorcFest
    • Amend Bylaws to:
      • remove office of Vice President
      • modernize description of Secretary responsibilities
      • clarify emergency meeting protocol
      • clarify “significant contribution” expected from board members
  • New Business
    • Rachel Goldsmith


    New Hampshire Governor Signs Bill Protecting, Expanding Town Tuitioning

    New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu signed SB 8 today, opening educational opportunities for families in small towns across the state.

    By Jody Underwood

    During his campaign, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu promised at a public hearing in Croydon that he would sign a bill protecting and expanding town tuitioning, and he kept his promise. Today, Gov. Sununu signed SB 8, a town tuitioning bill often referred to as “the Croydon bill,” and Croydon and other small towns are celebrating.

    SB 8 clarifies that any town—not just towns that share a border with other states—may include non-religious private schools in their town tuitioning plans. Town tuitioning, a longstanding tradition in New Hampshire and other New England states, occurs when a district “tuitions out” students to public or private schools in surrounding towns and districts because their home district does not provide schools with the grades those students need.

    Heard in New Hampshire

    "A beautiful night at PorcFest" ~Chip Spangler

    "When you stop into a chocolate shop in Manchester and the vendor says, 'We take alternative currency' and 'Happy PorcFest.' #NHitslikethistoo" ~Joan Bastek

    "I had a fantastic experience at Porcfest. What a great event! I got to spend quality time with some of the best people I've ever known in my life, I attended educational talks and panels, I received and granted hugs and kisses, I warmed up by the bonfire. It was such an uplifting time and it showed me yet again that NH rocks and that the Free State Project community is my family. Definitely coming back next year." ~Merav Yaakov

    "Porcfest was amazing! I met a ton of great new friends, had awesome experiences, and learned a lot of camping lessons! Every year this event inspires me, rejuvenates me, and brings me great joy. Notes for next time: learn to use sunblock before getting red. Now it's all over but the peeling." Mattheus von Guttenberg

    "It's difficult to express just what this experience means to me each year. Thank you all for another incredible PorcFest." ~Neal Conner

    Heard in New Hampshire

    "Week #1 of our Vegetable CSA was a success! Thanks so much to all our members, we are excited we get to see you all every week now! And just look what the sunshine did to the garden! :)" ~Bardo Farm

    "Bitcoin bill now law in New Hampshire! Thank you Gov. Chris Sununu, Rep. Biggie, & Keith Ammon! Great news for everyone, as we are the #1 state for Bitcoin usage." ~Keith

    "FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Portsmouth, NH - The Seacoast Repertory Theatre's bitcoin vending machine now offers Dash. The founder of Portsmouth-based digital currency company AnyPay, Steven Zeiler, says 'Dash is newer than bitcoin and is more widely used on the Seacoast. Dash offers faster confirmation times and greater privacy than bitcoin.'" ~Derrick J Freeman

    "First spring chicken on the table! Courtesy of Bardo Farm. Harvested on Saturday, picked up Sunday at the Praxeum Free Market. Nourishing the family tonight!" ~Iiro Lehtinen

    Heard in New Hampshire

    "School Choice passes NH House" ~Aaron Day

    "Thank you, New Hampshire Reps. and Senators, as pro-liberty bill after pro-liberty bill passed today! When it comes to legislative voting, today was one of the best days for legislative action in the nation since 2012. Wonderful work, folks!" ~Keith

    "We closed on our first home here in NH this week! Thanks to Mark Warden and his team. We will be having a party soon! Bbq, swimming, or explore our 33 acres with a pond and river!" ~Paige Eden Savell

    "We have moose! Fish & Game has the shelter across the street on their donation list, and brought them a big pile of freshly butchered roadkill moose. It was more than they could cook or store, so they brought us four gallon bags, probably 12-15 pounds total. I think I'll experiment with moose chili." ~Kevin Craig

    A (School) Choice Between Hope and Fear

    An excellent column in the Valley News about school choice by early mover and vice chair of the Croydon school board, Dr. Jody Underwood.

    "One fact that Nelson does get right is that if children leave inadequate public schools, those schools will lose some of their funding. That sounds bad, but consider the same argument stated in a different way: We should prevent children from leaving failing schools because those schools need the money. In this view, children exist for the sake of public schools, rather than public schools existing for the sake of children.

    Granite State Progress "Exposes" the Free State Project

    Last night the Rockingham County Democrats hosted Zandra Rice Hawkins of Granite State Progress, an “ultra extreme” left-wing advocacy group reportedly funded by out-of-state special interests. GSP has been tracking the FSP since 2008 with a program called "Free State Project Watch" (complete with scary 'wolf in sheep’s carcass' caricature).

    About 80 people were in attendance, including ten to fifteen Free Staters (believe it or not, I don't actually know all two thousand of us).

    At the beginning, the Free Staters were invited to stand and introduce ourselves (which many of us did). Throughout the night, Ms. Rice Hawkins invited us to respond to questions, although several Democrats in the audience were frustrated that we weren't given more opportunity to explain our individual views in our own words.


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