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Temp Jobs as a Path to Long-Term Employment

Office job

By Michelle Dumas

Q. We are excited to move to New Hampshire as soon as possible, but job searching long distance is so hard. Do you think finding temporary employment might be an option?

A. A short-term/contract position could be a really good way to generate the income you need to make the move to New Hampshire, but there are drawbacks you should be aware of as you consider this option. Lack of job security, difficulty budgeting long term, fewer or no benefits beyond hourly pay, and overall lower pay are the most often cited. But, if you are willing to accept these drawbacks, temporary employment could enable you to move sooner while offering other valuable benefits.

  • Oct 24 2017 

Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast at NH Liberty Forum 2018

Jack Spirko

Jack Spirko, host of The Survival Podcast, will be the first keynote speaker at Liberty Forum, New Hampshire’s premiere liberty conference. Liberty Forum offers three days full of opportunities for speakers and attendees to interact. Cutting-edge topic tracks will include cryptocurrency, education, podcasts, and more. The conference will be held February 8-10, 2018, at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Manchester. Early bird tickets are available now!

  • Oct 21 2017 

Alu Leaves New York City for Liberty

Alu and Kate

Hello, frustrated libertarian!

I’m Elliot Axelman, but you can call me Alu. Ten years ago, when I moved from my mother’s house in the ultra-orthodox Jewish world of Lakewood, NJ, to my father's house in New York City, life immediately became much better. But as I began to follow politics closely over the past few years, I grew to hate NYC increasingly. I learned, moreso each day, that politicians naturally take away liberty from individuals and grant it to themselves in the form of power. That is the inherent function of government. I learned that the NYC and NY governments are horrible entities which epitomize big government regulation and taxation. My effective tax burden in NYC was around 45%. It was essentially impossible for me to own any firearm whatsoever. If I did not recycle at least five types of items regularly, police would punish me.

  • Oct 20 2017 

Announcing the 2018 Liberty Forum

Richard and Melanie Gibson

By Christine Butler, FSP Events Director

Planning for Liberty Forum 2018 is in full swing! Thanks to attendee feedback, this year's event will reflect more of a conference style, with tracks that include cryptocurrency, podcasts, education, and other forms of liberty activism. We plan to create an inclusive atmosphere where speakers and attendees can interact more than ever before. Most speakers will spend the entire weekend here in New Hampshire, and some are even hosting evening events off-site. It’s sure to be an awesome way to get to know each other. We hope you'll be joining us on February 8-10 at the Radisson in Manchester, NH. Discounted early bird tickets are available now!

  • Oct 18 2017 

Unschooling: Who Teaches the Children?

Discovery on the beach

by James Davis

I was recently scrolling through a Facebook group designed for people who plan to homeschool their children someday, and I encountered a typical objection that many unschoolers face. A mother was feeling nervous because her in-laws were making sniping comments about her lack of a teaching degree. They wondered how she could possibly teach a child everything he or she might learn from grades K-12. It’s a fair question.

How can our kids learn the things they need to even if we aren’t chemists, literary scholars, biologists, volleyball coaches, and master-craftspeople?

Let’s dive in.

  • Oct 17 2017 

Shire Sharing Aims to Feed 600 Families

Shire Sharing

Participation in Shire Sharing has become an annual tradition for people all around New Hampshire, including a large number of Free Staters who donate and gather to pack and deliver meals. The organization aims to feed more families than ever this year - and to deliver coats with the meals. So we reached out to Shire Sharing's founder, Amanda Bouldin, to find out how things are going and how we can help.

  • Oct 12 2017 

Heard in New Hampshire

Fall in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire

"I don't know how he ended up so photogenic, but I love it. (Day trip to Crawford Notch in the White Mountains)" ~Miranda Nyx Animus

"Living in a rural area definitely has its share of challenges, but one of the absolute best things is how kind and friendly people are. Just tonight a man pulls up our driveway and says he saw our horses and wanted to know if we wanted a saddle of his for free from back when he used to keep horses. We thank him, introduce ourselves and get to talking. He tells us about his 6 year old step daughter and how she got hurt during a fireworks accident and how she would love to come by and feed the horses some time. So of course we tell him to come over with her anytime and she can ride on Leo if she wants. I don't know about anybody else, but I absolutely love experiences like this. On just another random Tuesday night, someone took the time to stop by, say hello, and we got to meet someone we would have never met otherwise." ~Justin Valentini

  • Oct 11 2017 

Morgan's PorcFest Story

Morgan and his trucks

by Kitty Michelotti

Have you ever lost your wallet? You know that sickening feeling when you first realize it's really gone and you panic? Magnify that by and 100 you might understand how my two year old, Morgan, felt when he realized his favorite bag of trucks was not in our car when we returned home from the Porcupine Freedom Festival this summer. For toddlers, the only reality they know is what's happening right now, and right now his trucks were gone!

PorcFest is my family's favorite week of the year. My husband and I love hearing the speakers, and being among like-minded, freedom-loving folks. The kids enjoy a space where they can be respected, free to play, and have the opportunity to make money if they choose. We all love camping, chatting about libertarian principles around the campfire, and playing dodgeball!

  • Oct 10 2017 

Understanding Property Taxes in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Tax Amounts by Town - from

Potential movers to New Hampshire are often confused by the wide range of property tax rates across the state. In Claremont, for example, the property tax rate is $41 per $1000 of assessed value, while in Auburn, it's only around $21 per $1000 of assessed value. Why such a wide range? Well, there are several factors that influence property taxes that you should take into account when selecting the towns in which to house hunt.

Schools, Infrastructure and City Services
Property taxes are not necessarily a good indicator of good schools, infrastructure or city services. In fact, Auburn (mentioned above) with its low tax rate uses Derry schools, a very desirable district. The school portion of the town budget typically accounts for 60-75% of the property tax burden. Towns with good schools and lower tax burdens include Auburn, Alton, Rye, and Wolfeboro. Towns with colleges or universities (Henniker, Keene & Durham, to name a few) typically have relatively high taxes.

Big Government
High taxes = big government. Often, high taxes correlate to an oversized local government.

  • Oct 4 2017 

An Update on the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe: New Hampshire's 'Cryptoanarchy Mecca'

Free State Bitcoin Shoppe in Portsmouth, NH

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new shop in downtown Portsmouth that promotes the use of cryptocurrency. Shoppers in the high-traffic tourist area notice the political shirts and cool wares at Free State Bitcoin Shoppe, only to discover that they can’t pay for anything with cash.

The shop’s founders, Derrick J. Freeman and Steven Zeiler, have a unique mission. Instead of aiming to make money, they aim to "change the money that people use." Freeman says: “If customers come in, set up a free wallet on their phone, and leave, I'm happy that they took a step toward greater financial freedom. Success is people using cryptocurrency at stores other than our shoppe.”

  • Oct 2 2017 

Working With Headhunters to Land a Job In New Hampshire

Manchester Millyards

By Michelle Dumas

Q. I am actively job searching in New Hampshire and hope to move in the next few months. What about working with headhunters? I’ve never been recruited before. Do you have any tips?

A. Working with headhunters (recruiters) can be a productive way for you to learn about and pursue job opportunities, especially if you are an experienced professional who is looking for a new position in your established field or industry of expertise. But, if you are new to being recruited, it is important that you understand the different types of recruiters, how they work, and what you can expect when working with one.

  • Sep 26 2017 

Why Amazon Won't Choose New Hampshire

Amazon Headquarters in Seattle - Photo by Adamajreynolds

According to the Concord Monitor, Governor Sununu is “aggressively” pursuing the online retailer, which is looking to open a second global headquarters that could employ as many as 50,000 people.

New Hampshire is a great place for business, with low taxes and regulation, not to mention thousands of productive Free Staters moving in. Business taxes are decreasing, and they can be be offset with the Education Tax Credit. So should New Hampshire pitch to Amazon? Why not! Andrew Cline of the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy writes,

“Reaching out and talking up New Hampshire’s many charms is perfectly fine. But we should never cross the line between marketing the state and giving a big company special treatment that New Hampshire’s mom-and-pop businesses don’t get.”

  • Sep 22 2017 

How will unschooled kids ‘become socialized’?

Children Holding Hands

by James Davis

Welcome back to our monthly unschooling blog! If you have any questions you’d like answered in this blog, please email me at I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have (and talk parenting, if you’d like!). Today’s question comes from my very own life. It’s one I was asked recently, but it’s also been a constant theme throughout our parenting journey, so it felt like a good one to address here:

In the absence of school, how DO young people go about making friends?

I’ll begin to answer this question with another question: How do grown-ups go about making friends? How do people who aren’t forced to go to the same building every day make friends?

  • Sep 19 2017 

Calling FSP Signers: Mark in CA


Participant: Mark in Oakland, CA
Signed the Statement of Intent: 2002

Mark remembers the Free State Project! He was just discussing the possibility of his next move with his girlfriend. The FSP had slipped his mind, but it interests him and he could put it in the discussion hat. His main concern would be finding work for his girlfriend, who is working in retail and paying off her student loans.

Mark said that he is “a carpenter to make a living, a farmer to fill [his] soul.” We talked a lot about the Free Stater community and the people. He was very excited at the end of the conversation. They may visit, and if so they'll contact me so we can put together a meet-and-greet. He was so thankful for my call and was excited that this is a new direction they can explore, especially since they were starting to talk about leaving Oakland.

  • Sep 18 2017 

Getting Involved in NH Politics | Real Estate in the Free State

Supporters Holding Signs at the New Hampshire PollsMany people are making the move to New Hampshire in order to protect and advance liberty. Some movers find themselves so enthralled by the political freedom and process here that they want to get involved in local politics.

As an early mover and former state legislator, Porcupine Real Estate's Mark Warden understands this enthusiasm. "If people want to get involved in local politics, they should check with Porcupine Real Estate before choosing a town." Certain towns offer a higher likelihood of electing liberty-minded folks than others, and Porcupine Real Estate can point movers to towns where they will have a better chance of being welcome and winning elections.

  • Sep 12 2017 

Patrick & Mari Leave it All Behind for an RV in New Hampshire

Patrick & Mari

Hi. We’re a family of three from San Diego. Our journey to the Shire included nine days of driving and four years of planning. There’s been a lot of healing along the way, and I’m happy to say we are in a good place. I mean: It’s almost September, winter is around the corner, and we live in a trailer…and we’re happy!

And YOU are going to be moving to New Hampshire soon, so there’s no better place for us than here, waiting to welcome you as we were welcomed. That’s right! Moving means friends and strangers waiting to welcome you! I (Patrick) have been telling people there is no better way to do it. So here’s my story about making the move.

In 2014 my friend Robin and I visited for PorcFest. After a few intense days spent camped out in the valley, there at the Satoshi Saloon, I looked out at the White Mountains and wept - overwhelmed with feelings of hope.

Managing Job Interviews from a Distance


By Michelle Dumas

Q. I’m ready to start reaching out and sending my résumé to New Hampshire employers. I think I’ll get a lot of interest; I’m not really worried about that. What I can’t figure out is the logistics of interviewing. I’m currently living in North Carolina. What will I do when employers start calling to set up interviews? **

A. Being available for interviews within a time frame that meets the schedule of your prospective employer is one of the most challenging parts of searching for a new job from a distance. While your experience will vary depending on your experience level and the current “demand” in your industry, most employers will be interested in a strong candidate who is available to interview at the employer’s convenience and who is also available to start the job when needed. The trick then, is to make the logistics of the long-distance interview as easy as possible for the employer. But how do you do this?

Assuming you do not have unlimited time and funds to travel back and forth on a whim, you have two choices:

  • Aug 23 2017 

A Group of Free Staters Builds Community through Giving

Lakes Region Porcupines Beach Day 2017by Tony Jankowski

The Lakes Region Porcupines (LRP) want to be known as folks who move to New Hampshire and get to work in the community. We like to think that we can win hearts and minds, but first we need to introduce ourselves without making people cringe. We do this by giving our time and talents to charities that want to work with us.

  • Aug 21 2017 

How do unschooled children learn the important things in life?

by James Davis

When I first learned about unschooling, I had trouble envisioning exactly what that meant. I heard about an approach to life where kids were free to do whatever they wanted, with whomever they wanted, for as long as they wanted, I was understandably skeptical.

I immediately assumed that this meant, “Well, they can learn about whatever they want, as long as they also learn the very obviously important things in life.” You couldn’t have your kids at home and not force them to read, right? They still had to learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, right? But the more I read, the more I realized that these “unschoolers” weren’t even forcing their kids to learn anything at all. When I describe this approach to raising my children now, people almost always conflate the idea that our kids aren’t forced to learn anything at all with an actual risk that they WON’T learn anything at all. But that hasn’t been our experience whatsoever. I’d love to share with you what we’ve learned.

  • Aug 15 2017 

Jeremy & Ashley 'Vote for Liberty' by Moving to New Hampshire

Jeremy & Ashley

Sometime in 2011, I (Jeremy) began listening to Jack Spirko’s The Survival Podcast. Something about his monologue connected with a longing I felt. At the time, I had a strong desire to become more secure from life’s stresses. I felt like we lived by the thinnest of margins and I wanted to work on a more robust lifestyle, far safer from the unexpected challenges life throws at us from time to time. Jack spoke of becoming more self-reliant and insulating ourselves from what he called "systems of control." He seemed to be developing his philosophy in real-time and I liked that. We were on a journey together to find ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.'


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