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Church of the Sword Goes to NH Supreme Court

Tomorrow, Thursday, October 15th, 2015, the Supreme Court of New Hampshire will hear oral arguments in a case about the Church of the Sword, a non-denominational religion started by FSP early movers.

The heart of the case revolves around whether COTS is a "real church" that can be afforded tax exemption under the IRS's "14 Points of Consideration." I would argue the "separation of church and state" means it is blindingly illogical to allow one party (the state) to determine the status of a religion (COTS), but hey, that's just me!

From Reason Magazine:

"During a written interview, Bloom defends the COTS status as a religion:

On its face, COTS qualifies as a religion as the IRS defines it via the 14 point test. More importantly, a religion should consist of three elements.

Liberty Forum 2016 Early Bird Tixs Now on Sale

Join us February 18-21, 2016 at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Manchester for the Free State Project's 9th annual liberty conference, “Living Liberty.” Meet the early movers, hear nationally acclaimed speakers, and immerse yourself in New Hampshire's thriving liberty community. Early bird pricing available for a limited time - get your $99 tickets today!. Bitcoin accepted since 2011. Visit for more details.

Uber: It's Capitalism, Man

Early mover Christopher David has vowed to keep driving in Portsmouth, despite the recent Uber ban. Listen to this clip of him interacting with a bouncer, a cop, and a grateful passenger, who makes a foul mouthed yet compelling argument for free market capitalism. You can learn more about the situation in Portsmouth, and around the world at Free Uber. WARNING: Contains bad language

Invented in NH

Much of what I know about New Hampshire's history, I first learned in the Super Secret Project's "Granite State of Mind." My favorite lyric: "I could live anywhere, but I choose to live here, in the middle of nowhere." (Although I prefer "Knowhere," geddit?) New Hampshiremen have been inventing awesome things for centuries, from the first mechanical alarm clock, to arguably the first steamship, to the first steam-powered airship and motor bike, to Dean Kamen's Segway. You can read more about it in this 2011 New Hampshire magazine article "Invented Here."

PorcFest XII Video: The Good, Bad & Ugly Developments of Education Reform

Should learning be done the same way it was 100 years ago? Breathtaking developments around the country suggest otherwise.

And while new, innovative school choice options have some incredible success stories, they could be replicated much faster. Similarly, traditional school district modernization, like expanded online and blended learning curricula, better vocational education, opt-out ability for teacher union dues and tenure reforms have progressed in only a few noteworthy places.

Please join Bob Bowdon, Executive Director of Choice Media, for a presentation on the trends in the most important subject in America: Education.

Choice Media not only publishes the best daily newswire and Twitter feed about education, the least covered subject in the American media, but its content remains 100% free.

Early Movers in Portsmouth Keep On Uber-ing

The old saying (and funk song) "Keep on Truckin," which means to plow through, staying focused on the task at hand, needs to be updated to, "Keep on Uber-ing." This is what a group of FSP early movers and pro-liberty supporters in Portsmouth are doing, pushing a new kind of vehicle, the ride-share platform Uber.

Uber's rollout in Portsmouth was set to be a great Seacoast success story, when, earlier this year the Portsmouth taxi commission voted to eliminate all regulations and disband itself.

School Choice Battle Heats Up In Croydon, NH

The battle over school choice in one small New Hampshire town heats up. FSP trustee and chair of Croydon's school board, Jody Underwood, says today on NHPR: "If you really want kids to get an adequate education, the schools have to suit them." This case exemplifies how early movers are helping to give New Hampshire residents more choice when it comes to dealing with the state. Will you join the cause for more freedom? Join the movement today!

Photo credit: Indiana Public Media via FLICKR Creative Commons

Because All the Cute: Meet NH's Albino Porcupine

What's white and white and prickly all over? This Lempster, NH, albino porcupine! People sometimes ask about the relevance of the porcupine as the FSP's mascot. Here's what our standard press release says: The porcupine is an animal that has become synonymous with libertarians and the liberty movement as a whole. Porcupines are peaceful creatures that become defensive when subjected to aggression; their sharp quills are used in self-defense only as a last resort. Read more about this adorable albino porc at the Concord Monitor.

FSP Startup: If BitTorrent and BTC Had a Baby and Made a Library

Free State Project participants new startup "LBRY" wants to foster direct publisher-consumer transactions and let users make money in the process. BostInno covers the story, saying: "Kauffman started the project with Jimmy Kiselak, a former defense contractor, and Mike Vine, founder and principal of a financial services marketing consultancy. All three of them are participants in the Free State Project, a movement that seeks to recruit 20,000 libertarians to move to New Hampshire to create a community of people who believe in limited government. However, Kauffman said, LBRY is first and foremost a for-profit venture. 'This is a business. Not a political project,' he said. 'But it’s certainly inspired by my philosophy.'"

Feeling inspired yourself? Pledge to join the FSP and come help us build the Silicon Millyard. The sky is the limit!

New England States Ranked by an Impartial Mid-Westerner

NH #1, again: "And New Hampshire is the Texas of New England. It's that simple. The state motto is 'Live Free or Die,' and they are deeply committed to doing just that. Two things stood out: 1) They are really, REALLY into their guns; and 2) They are really, REALLY into their massive highway rest-stop liquor stores... I'll bottom-line this for you: New Hampshire is patently un-touristy but still has all the New England outdoor recreation activities you could want, making it the least pretentious and desperate-for-approval of the New England states. They'll welcome you, but they don't need you -- their sense of pride and independence runs much deeper than just the state slogan." Read all the rankings HERE.

We will welcome you too: Pledge today!

Photo credit: Chris Dunn

Historic Win for Internet Freedom in NH: Tor Node in Kilton Library Turned Back On

Last night was a great victory for internet freedom and anonymity, and once again showcases why New Hampshire is the right destination for the Free State Project. The Kilton Library of Lebanon decided to turn its first-in-the-nation Tor relay node back on!

Backstory: In June of this year, Kilton Library's Board of Trustees voted to install a Tor relay in their library, which runs on a GNU/Linux environment. Working with the Library Freedom Project, this small town library became the first in the country to allow a Tor relay to operate. In early August, the Department of Homeland Security's Internet Crimes Against Children contacted the Lebanon Police department, who in turn contacted the library to warn that Tor could potentially be used for nefarious purposes, including child pornography. The library's director decided to shut down the relay until the Board had a chance to weigh in.

PorcFest XII Video: Finding Your Home in The Free State

Hear from Porcupines from around the state about why their region is the place to live.

Mike Sylvia grew up in Rhode Island and found liberty in Ithaca, NY (stranger things have happened). He moved to Laconia, New Hampshire in 2010. Enjoying the lakes region, he bought land in Belmont in 2012 and in the same year was elected to his first term in the New Hampshire house.

87% to the Goal of 20,000

We are now averaging more than 1% growth in FSP participants per month. On August 24, 2015, we grew to 86%. Today, September 14th, we hit 87% or 17,400 signers. As I write this, we stand at 17,403. What are you waiting for? Join the greatest, most audacious liberty community in the world. Join thousands of like-minded people set to keep New Hampshire awesome. Join us and be part of history.

PorcFest XII Video: Break On Through to The Other Side: How to Accelerate The Paradigm Shift in Education

Bob Bowdon hosts a panel to talk about education issues and challenges. Panelists: Kamil Cebulski, Jodie Underwood, Maya Y, and Michelle Levell.

The Cartel, Bowdon’s award-winning documentary, reveals the nature and extent of corruption in public education. Behind every dropout factory, we discover, lurks a powerful, entrenched and self-serving cartel. And the film puts a human face on those who suffer as a result.

Ultimately, The Cartel is a call to action, not despair. The film profiles heroic administrators, teachers and students who defy the odds—particularly in schools of choice.

Bob Bowdon is the Executive Director of Choice Media. Bob Bowdon has been a television producer, reporter and commentator for the past fifteen years. His varied career has seen him conducting in-depth on-camera interviews, anchoring newscasts and producing nationally-syndicated TV shows. He’s even appeared in satirical news sketches for the Onion News Network.

Too Much Fun Stuff To Do

A recent early mover compiled a list of "upcoming not-to-miss events":

September 11-13: Hillsborough County Agricultural Fair in New Boston

September 11-13: Hampton Beach Seafood Festival

September 11-October 13: "Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story" in Manchester

September 12: Canterbury Artisan Festival in Canterbury

September 12: Auburn Day and 23rd Annual Duck Race

September 12: Multicultural Festival in Laconia

September 12-13: Granite State Comicon in Manchester

September 12: Vintage & Vine Wine Festival & Silent Auction in Portsmouth

September 13: Wild Rover Celtic Fest in Manchester

September 18-20: NH Highland Games and Festival in Lincoln

September 19: Pet Fair to Benefit the Animal Rescue League of NH in Manchester

September 19: NH Coffee Festival in Laconia

September 19: Claremont Brewfest: Battle of the Brews

September 25: Symphony NH Concert in Keene

September 26: Schnitzelfest in Hillsborough

September 26: Symphony NH Concert in Nashua

September 26: North of the Notches ATV & Brewfest in Colebrook

PorcFest XII Video: Ending Government-Induced Math Anxiety

What would math education be like in the absence of an education monopoly? Is public education harming children? In the broader community, math anxiety is ubiquitous. Could it be that the current public schools actually cause that anxiety? Come explore these questions and discuss real world alternatives to government provided mathematics instruction.

Dr. Darren Tapp has spent over a decade teaching various mathematical concepts at a handful of colleges. Darren is currently teaching at Southern New Hampshire University, and provides business intelligence services. Darren is the founder of Dr. Tapp's mathematical playgrounds, which bring concepts of arithmetic, geometry, and combinatorics to young people. Darren is also co-host of Neocash Radio.

How to Piss Off Someone From NH

Tongue firmly in cheek with this post. As the article "How To Piss Off Someone From New Hampshire" says: "People from New Hampshire are resilient, self-educated, hard-working individuals belonging to a conscientious community. On the other hand, Granite Staters have been accused of being misanthropic, laconic, sarcastic, mischievous, and just plain cold. If you’d like to personally experience the latter, do all of the following." See more about what you should, or rather, shouldn't do, at Matador Network.

Photo credit: Matador Network

PorcFest XII Video: The American Fantasy Bubble

Americans have been kept—and gladly keep themselves—in a kind of fantasy bubble, tremendously self-involved, blissfully unaware of impending doom all around. Why is this country so naïve—and what can be done about it? Leading journalist, editor and author Russ Baker discusses this, and the American Deep Power Structures that underlie the American trajectory.

Russ Baker is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of, the nonpartisan, nonprofit, fiercely independent news site, which specializes in exploring Deep State topics. He is author of the bestseller Family of Secrets: the Bush Dynasty, America’s Invisible Government and the Hidden History of the Last Fifty Years, praised as a breakthrough work by Gore Vidal. Baker has investigated a broad range of topics, from war to secrecy, for some of the world’s top mainstream and alternative outlets.


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