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Mother Jones Weighs in on BEARCAT

When Mother Jones, Occupy, the ACLU, and the Free State Project are all equally concerned about the militarization of the police and the secret designation of peaceful groups as "domestic terrorists," you know we are winning.

"After the public release of a document where he suggested that Occupiers and libertarians pose a domestic terror threat to Concord, New Hampshire, the city's police chief has backed away from the claim. In an application to the Department of Homeland Security seeking more than $250,000 to purchase an armored police vehicle, the capital city of New Hampshire specified the local branch of the Occupy movement and the Free State Project, an effort to recruit 'liberty-loving people' to relocate to the Granite State, as potential sources of terrorist action." Read more at Mother Jones.

Photo by: Mr. T in DC.

FSP Demands Apology for "Domestic Terrorism" Claims in Tank Grant Application

The Concord NH Police Department has made false and misleading statements in the above cited grant application for $258,024 in federal funds from the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) to receive a Lenco Bearcat armored vehicle, hereinafter the “Tank.”

The DHS grant application states: “The State of New Hampshire’s experience with terrorism slants primarily towards the domestic type. We are fortunate that our State has not been victimized from a mass casualty event from an international terrorism strike however on the domestic front, the threat is real and here. Groups such as the Sovereign Citizens, Free Staters and Occupy New Hampshire are active and present daily challenges. Outside of officially organized groups, several homegrown clusters that are anti-government and pose problems for law enforcement agencies.”

FSP President Speaks at Ben Swann's Truth In Media Event

On Friday, July 26, 2013, Ben Swann launched his Truth In Media campaign, choosing New Hampshire as his first stop. FSP President, Carla Gericke, was invited to speak. Copied below is her speech.


Most of you will recognize these slogans from George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. You have also probably heard the joke that 1984 was not supposed to be an instruction manual, but with its dystopian themes of perpetual war, nationalism, surveillance, and censorship being implemented day by day, play by play in our own backyards, you have to wonder whether the government got the memo.

  • Jul 29 2013 

Amanda BillyRock Signs the Pledge

Online sensation Amanda BillyRock signs the Statement of Intent, showcasing the new, easy-to-use Free State Project website. Amanda will be joining thousands of other liberty lovers in New Hampshire soon. What are YOU waiting for? Join us for your best chance at Liberty in Our Lifetime.

  • Jul 29 2013 

Bring on the Brewskies!

"Look for a new wave of mini brewpubs to open in New Hampshire soon! On July 24, 2013, Governor Hassan signed HB 253 into law. The bill removes the 4 ounce restriction on over the counter sales by nanobreweries, provided that the brewery also prepares and serves meals." For more on the bill... A number of individual Free State Project Participants were involved in helping to get this bill written, passed, and signed into law. This is just one example of the many types of liberty activism that individuals choose to take part in after they move to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project.

NH Moves in Pro-Freedom Direction on MMJ

New Hampshire finally joins the rest of New England in legalizing the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes. Governor Maggie Hassan signed HB573, legalizing cannabis for therapeutic purposes on Tuesday, July 23, 2013. You can read more about it here. If you are interested in the history of attempts made by activists over the past several years to legalize medical marijuana/push forward decriminalization, watch the documentary Libertopia, which is now available for free viewing on Youtube. From their website: "Libertopia is a time capsule of the Free State Project from 2008 - 2009. It follows three members of the Free State Project...

New Hampshire's Singular Spirit

New Hampshire is different. While the geography of the state is fantastic - soaring mountains, countless rivers and lakes, expansive forests, and a picturesque coastline, the natural features aren’t the source of its uniqueness. The character of the people is what sets New Hampshire apart.

New Hampshirites are known for their fierce independence, encapsulated in the oft-quoted state motto: “Live Free or Die.” The motto isn’t a floating abstraction either. Article 10 of the state constitution’s Bill of Rights, described as the “Right of Revolution,” adds some legal teeth to it by declaring:

Welcome to the New Website

Welcome to the Free State Project’s new website! It has been a long time coming, and I hope you are impressed by what our small team accomplished. The mission of the FSP is to attract 20,000 participants to move to New Hampshire to pursue more Liberty in Our Lifetime. The website is geared towards showcasing all the advantages New Hampshire has to offer: its culture of rugged individualism and personal responsibility, low taxes, a safe environment, natural beauty and clean air, diverse seasons and geography, good neighbors--face it, there is a reason New Hampshire is consistently rated the “most livable” state.

Ultimately, signing up for the FSP and moving to New Hampshire means you are joining a community. A voluntary community of like-minded people, one you choose to associate with in a place that may well be the world’s “best kept secret.” They say you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. With the FSP, you can do even more than that, you can choose to make a principled commitment to freedom and liberty, with your family, and with your new friends.

February 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting

February 24, 2013

Meeting called to order 1:17pm

Attending: Carla, Rich on skype, Varrin, Steve, Seamas Sharon, Jody at the Crowne Plaza after Liberty Forum

  1. Budget.

a. Seamas shared 2012 expenditures and compared it to the projected 2013 budget.

b. 501c3 file will be opened in June, so we won’t hear until after PorcFest.

c. Approximately $20k was raised yesterday at LF for Carla’s Trigger the Move campaign.

d. Carla has some promises for more contributions; will plan with Sharon an outreach approach.

e. Jody moved to accept the preliminary budget that starts with the 2012 budget, and also includes the $20k that Carla raised at LF and $10k for website redesign. Steve seconded. All ayes; Carla abstained.

f. Seamas will prepare a monthly breakdown of prioritized budget items, to be sent to us next week.

g. Rich moved to approve budget via email. Seamas seconded. Unanimous.

  1. Web site content.

a. Carla will write it, and will recruit volunteers to help. Target: 3 weeks for release (around March 17).

January 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting

January 14, 2013

Meeting called to order at 8:06pm on skype.

Attending: Rich, Seamas, Steve, Jody, Varrin (for a short while), and Carla

Absent: Sharon


  1. President’s report

  2. 501c3, donor packets, and fundraising efforts

  3. Free State Now

  4. New website

  5. Liberty Forum

  6. Porcfest

  7. Donor database policy

  8. President’s report:

· New signers in Dec = 94, signers SO FAR in Jan = 98.

· Kari is working out great with PR strategy

· FB FSP group's privacy status changed from "public" to "closed." The process for new members remain the same (i.e. have to be authorized by an admin). The FSP page remains public."

· Chris Lopez is still great. We’ll need to do another fundraiser for 2013-14 around May.

  1. 501c3, donor packets, and fundraising efforts

· The IRS is currently working on March 2012 501(c)3 applications so, barring them getting even further behind, they should started on ours around May.

October 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting

October 31, 2012

Attending: Rich, Séamas, Jody, Varrin, Carla, Sharon (late)

Meeting started 8:14pm

Note: Originally scheduled meeting was postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. Meeting was rescheduled with less than the required seven days’ notice, and Stephen Cobb could not attend. He has no objections to the decisions made or these minutes as posted.


Welcome Sharon


        Chris Lopez:

        Atlas Shrugged Outreach


Prez Report

501c3 news

LF Status

O-list refresh

Performance Criteria

Post-election publicity plans.

Postponed Welcome Sharon until Sharon arrives.

Chris Lopez: She’s working out great. She will be sending about 1000 welcome letters/recruit someone letters in the next couple of weeks. Funding is fine.

Atlas Shrugged Outreach: Great both times. Some connections were made for contributions, nothing done yet (waiting for 501(c)3 status). Jody and Séamas contributed miles and bed to make it low cost/free.

August 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting

August 20, 2012

Attending: Varrin, Carla, Rich, Seamas, Steve, Jody

On skype.

Called to order at 7:15pm.

President report:

  1. Liberty Forum.

· Chris Lawless has expressed that he doesn't really want to organize it. Carla is currently planning to have "in-depth" discussion in Tampa. Suggestions that he can train an "apprentice" if he will do it once more.

· Chris should pass down a nominal schedule with some key milestones like dates for Venue and Speaker selected.

· Carla said 6 months is a good event cycle

· Dates: They’re looking at 3 options, one of which is late February.

· It was suggested that Carla post dates to O-list and Doers.

· Revisit Chris issue after Tampa.

June 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting June 23, 2012

Attending: Seamas, Carla, Rich, Varrin, Jody, Brandon

Started at 9:35am at Rogers Campground

501c3 would be easier if Brandon’s resignation was dated early August.

Two more reviews: Varrin and Carla. Final version will be ready a week after that.


· We’ll chip in for a spa day for Sharon. For Jason: bacon and booze? Carla will take care of logistics.

· Rogers had water problems again. Hard to find another place. Some people are talking about buying a campground somewhere.

· Everything else is going great.

· Sharon may not want to do it next year. She needs a protégé. We want them!

· Dates will be set tomorrow with Crosby.

· Speakers like the VIP lounge. Maybe a different name: first class ticket, paid more money.

· Next year’s program: Have a clear definition of what the FSP is.

Appreciation with Carla as president.


April 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting Minutes

April 23, 2012

Attending: Seamas, Jody (chair), Varrin, Steve, Carla, Rich (late), Brandon (late)

Meeting started at 8:05pm on skype


· 501c3 status

· PorcFest status and budget

· Ron Paul outreach status

· FSP Fundraising/Development

· Hiring of Chris Lopez as FSP admin

· Brandon's resignation

501c3 status

· Email discussion moved this forward.

· Try to expect and head off IRS complaints

· Still need some tax forms, and then a final review

· Need to lean it toward education to make the case for a non-profit. Some ideas: providing education about the benefits of geographically concentrated communities of active liberty-minded individuals. (or something like that);

· Brandon said he’d review the 1023 filing before we send it out.

· There will be a fee of about $750, which will get returned if it’s rejected.

· The rest can be handled by email.

PorcFest status and budget

· Going swimmingly.

February 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting

Saturday, Feb 25, 2012

Liberty Forum

Attending: Seamas, Varrin, Brandon, Steve, Rich, Jody, Carla



  1. New PF logo. None of us loves it, but it’s already on things. Wish they would have asked for more feedback, but that’s life. Organizers like to put their mark on things.

  2. Thanks to Lawless. Buy them something, like a game as a token for the family time that LF took away. Varrin will ask Edi if she will do that.

  3. 501c3 status. We can finish it in 60 days. We filed two applications under the old fsp. 501c3 and 4, neither were accepted. The 3 wasn’t accepted because we didn’t actively pursue it., weren’t persistent What’s left: the application, the budget. Seamas will shepherd it. Brandon will send some docs to Seamas. Some creative writing needs to be done to frame what we want to do. We should file a non-profit return, 990.

  4. 2012 Budget. Seamas had handouts! With Carla’s additions, the budget gets high. Instead of looking at each item and cutting, Seamas suggested prioritizing what needs to be done.

27 September 2003 Board Meeting Minutes

Free State Project Board Meeting 27 September 2003

In Attendance:

Jason Sorens Mary Lou Seymour Amanda Maxwell Tim Condon Matt Cheselka

  1. Jason called the meeting to order

  2. Old Business

There was no old business to discuss 3. New Business

A. Ballot Return Deadline Jason moved that the deadline for returning ballots be moved from 22 September 2003 to 25 September 2003 Mary Lou 2nd After discussion, vote was 5 in favor, 0 against. Motion passes. B. Press Conference Discussion A discussion amoungst the board took place regarding details of the press conference in New York City. Location, logistics, etc., were all discussed. 4. Adjournment

Jason moved that the meeting be adjourned Matt 2nd No Discussion Vote was 5 in favor, 0 against. Motion Passes Meeting closed

October 25 2003 Board Meeting Minutes

Free State Project Board Meeting 25 October 2003

In Attendance:

Jason Sorens Mary Lou Seymour Amanda Maxwell Tim Condon Matt Cheselka

  1. At Jason's request, Mary Lou called the meeting to order at 1pm eastern time and acted as its chair

  2. Old Business

There was no old business to discuss 3. New Business

A. Monthly Board Meeting Mary Lou moved that a monthly meeting of the board of directors be established that will take place at 1pm eastern time on the 2nd Saturday of every month. Jason 2nd After discussion, vote was 4 in favor, 1 against. Motion passes.

B. Greeters Program Policy Jason moved that the board approves Doug Hillman's policy, which he posted to the organizers email list, for a greeters program to be established and executed Mary Lou 2nd After discussion, vote was 5 in favor, 0 against. Motion passes.

C. Advertisements for Cannibis Culture and High Times Amanda moved that we have Steve Cobb proceed with his plans to place an advertisement for the FSP in Cannibis Culture and High Times magazines Mary Lou 2nd After discussion, vote was 5 in favor, 0 against. Motion passes.

October 29 2003 Board Meeting Minutes

Free State Project Board Meeting 29 October 2003

In Attendance:

Mary Lou Seymour Amanda Maxwell Tim Condon Matt Cheselka

  1. On Jason's request, Mary Lou called the meeting to order at 8:16 pm eastern time

  2. Old Business

A. Web Team Policy Matt moved that The Web Team, consisting of Matt Cheselka, Tom Parker, and Steve Cobb are responsible for day to day running of the website and associated tech features. The President is responsible for overseeing the Team and solving any problems on a day to day basis. Mary Lou 2nd After discussion, vote was 4 in favor, 1 absent, 0 against. Motion passes.

November 2003 Board Meeting Minutes

Free State Project Board Meeting 8 November 2003

In Attendance:

Jason Sorens Mary Lou Seymour Amanda Maxwell Matt Cheselka

  1. Jason called the meeting to order at 1:37 pm eastern time

  2. Old Business

A. Election of Treasurer Jason moved that the board elect Malcolm Hastings as treasurer, provided he is willing to undertake the responsibilities, including coordinating the effort to apply for 501c4 status, and offer Amanda Phillips the option to remain an organizer and assistant to Malcolm, with possible future responsibilities in leadership. Mary Lou 2nd After discussion, the motion was amended by Jason to elect Malcolm Hastings as treasurer of the Free State Project. Mary Lou 2nd vote was 4 in favor, 1 absent, 0 against. Motion passes. 3. New Business

A. Relationship with other organizations in New Hampshire Mary Lou moved that Jason draft a short paragraph outlining the policy of the FSP towards other orgs in NH Amanda 2nd After discussion, vote was 4 in favor, 1 absent, 0 against. Motion passes.


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