Mover Stories

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Ken's Family Leaves the Arizona Desert for New Hampshire

Arizona might not be the most common origin state for an FSP participant. Though not quite as free as New Hampshire, Arizona is toward the free end of the scale, particularly in comparison with neighboring California. In fact, the Grand Canyon State is full of freedom-seeking refugees from California, not unlike New Hampshire’s situation with neighboring Massachusetts. But having been born in New England, and despite not having lived here since around my early teen years, nowhere else has ever felt quite like home. I have always felt some odd pull back to this place, even stronger than the lure of the mild Arizona winters (although I could do without another 115°F summer).

Robert and Carol Choose New Hampshire over Wisconsin

Robert and Carol

Carol and I, along with our four children, came from Wisconsin’s Milwaukee area. I was working for Tesla Motors in Grand Rapids, MI, but we did not want to stay in Michigan at all. We were thinking about heading back to Wisconsin when we decided to look into a possible move to New Hampshire. It was then that we were introduced to the Free State Project and we met Mary in the Facebook group. We knew it was where we belonged and where our new adventures awaited.

We moved, with the help of some very good Free State people, into our new home in Pembroke, NH. There were resources for everything we needed within the Free State Project and, although moving can be expensive and stressful, having other like minded people around us, lending a hand, offering advice, and helping with home searches, made it much less stressful.

The people here are wonderful. The area offers so much from outdoor adventure to excellent shopping. We are within an hour of mountains, Boston, the seacoast, and some of the country's most beautiful, clean and breathtaking forests, trails and waterways.

Cryptocurrency Fan Finds the Best State for a Free Life


Andy writes: I learned about the Free State Project a few years ago when I was living in California working a good job with a government agency. I planned to fly to New Hampshire to attend PorcFest 2016 and to check out the area, but I came down with a health issue that forced me to cancel my plans. It became increasingly difficult for me to work, and in early 2017 I ended up taking early retirement. At that time, I knew I could no longer live in high-taxed and overpriced California on my pension income, so I looked at more affordable places in the country and decided to try going to PorcFest again. I made the long drive from California to Lancaster in June 2017 and attended the festival.

At PorcFest, I met other free state movers and met realtors from Porcupine Real Estate. I drove around New Hampshire after the festival to see which areas would be a good fit for me and my budget. I liked Keene because there seemed to be a lot of people interested in cryptocurrencies, and I liked the walk-ability of the city.

Tiffany, Justin & Avalon Leave Michigan for New Hampshire

Tiffany & Justin

It's so good to be home! We learned of the Free State Project about two years ago. We were from Grand Rapids, Michigan, a bustling city with a culture of political extremes. We researched New Hampshire and realized not only was the FSP great, but the beautiful Granite State also offered freedom from sales tax (6% in MI), low crime, and excellent job prospects. We planned a visit (last year) and felt so at home here among the Free Staters! From interesting meetups to great conversations with other liberty minded people we knew, this was the place for us, and we started planning our move soon after.

It was a tough choice deciding where exactly we wanted to be, since each region is so unique and has a lot to offer. Among our biggest considerations when selecting a place to live was a wholesome community for our daughter to grow up in. Coming from a bigger city, we were all too aware of some of the issues that come with it (crime, school quality, water and air quality, etc) but still wanted easy access to important amenities such as healthcare and shopping/entertainment.

Patrick & Mari Leave it All Behind for an RV in New Hampshire

Patrick & Mari

Hi. We’re a family of three from San Diego. Our journey to the Shire included nine days of driving and four years of planning. There’s been a lot of healing along the way, and I’m happy to say we are in a good place. I mean: It’s almost September, winter is around the corner, and we live in a trailer…and we’re happy!

And YOU are going to be moving to New Hampshire soon, so there’s no better place for us than here, waiting to welcome you as we were welcomed. That’s right! Moving means friends and strangers waiting to welcome you! I (Patrick) have been telling people there is no better way to do it. So here’s my story about making the move.

In 2014 my friend Robin and I visited for PorcFest. After a few intense days spent camped out in the valley, there at the Satoshi Saloon, I looked out at the White Mountains and wept - overwhelmed with feelings of hope.

Jeremy & Ashley 'Vote for Liberty' by Moving to New Hampshire

Jeremy & Ashley

Sometime in 2011, I (Jeremy) began listening to Jack Spirko’s The Survival Podcast. Something about his monologue connected with a longing I felt. At the time, I had a strong desire to become more secure from life’s stresses. I felt like we lived by the thinnest of margins and I wanted to work on a more robust lifestyle, far safer from the unexpected challenges life throws at us from time to time. Jack spoke of becoming more self-reliant and insulating ourselves from what he called "systems of control." He seemed to be developing his philosophy in real-time and I liked that. We were on a journey together to find ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.'

Brittany and Jeremy Create Sanctuary in the Free State

The Couple's Two Cats

My husband Jeremy and I are originally from two small towns in Western NY: Avon and Byron. We were looking for change in the spring of 2013 when we finally decided to move to Charleston, SC. By October 2014, we were settled in Charleston!

We were only in South Carolina for a few months before we first saw the 101 Reasons: Liberty Lives in New Hampshire documentary. We were both very intrigued, but we really thought Charleston was our new home. A few years went by, and after dealing with a few tornado scares, a hurricane, taxes going up, and a massive flood of people to a very SMALL area, we decided to move out of the Low Country and back up to the Northeast.

During the growing pains in Charleston, one place kept coming up in conversation: New Hampshire. We got married in Buffalo, NY, in October of 2016 and decided to have a mini-moon in Goffstown, NH, in a STUNNING Airbnb on Mount Uncanoonuc (we highly recommend it). We were hooked after that stay! We finally arrived in Manchester in June with our two cats.

Origin Stories: Brian Maximizes his Freedom with a Minimalist Life in New Hampshire

I am a father, anarchist, minimalist, business owner, and systems engineer. I have traveled throughout the country, cruised around the Caribbean, and visited Europe. I have lived my whole life in the small town of Bergen, NY. It is a great community, with the unfortunate geographic issue of being located in the least free state in the country.

I have been searching for liberty my whole life, but for a while I didn’t know what that really meant. I never bought in to the political party system and division tactics. I never registered to vote or participated in this corrupt and manipulated system. The first half of my life, I ignored the political system as much as possible. It was 9/11 that shook me awake, and I realized that the beast wasn’t going away. I spent the next 10 years engulfed in the alternative world news, from Alex Jones to Occupy Wall St, RT, and on and on. It was a bit overwhelming to say the least (especially Alex!).

Origin Stories: Ryan Crosses the Country, but What He Forgot to do Will Shock You!

Until a few months ago, I had lived my entire life in the Mojave desert of California (Lancaster, specifically). By the time I reached adulthood in January of 2004, I was already sick of both the natural and political environment there and knew I wanted to leave as soon as possible for climes more suited to my tastes. I can't recall exactly when I first read about the Free State Project online except to say that it was at least 8 years ago. Whenever it was, I was immediately convinced that New Hampshire was the right place and I decided at that time to participate and move as soon as possible. I refrained from signing the Statement of Intent until I was sure I'd be able to fulfill my pledge, since I knew that it would be some years before my move.

As it turned out, however, I shamefully forgot that I hadn't actually signed until I was in the process of driving across country on my move, having been engrossed in selling my house and making preparations as soon as I decided the time was right. Events lined up rather quickly and I had been resolved to participate for so long that actually signing entirely slipped my mind.

Origin Stories: Justin and Sarah Found their Freedom Farm

Sarah and I came from Upstate NY, the only area either of us had ever lived. We were raised there, went to college there, and got jobs there. It kept us happy for a little while but we knew we wanted to experience more than the cramped suburban apartment in which we were living.

When we got engaged in the summer of 2015 our dream was to stop renting an apartment and find a home, ideally with enough land for Sarah to keep her horse and for me to have some chickens.

While not as ridiculous as NYC, upstate was still an expensive place to live, so we started looking to move. New Hampshire was appealing because it was liberty-friendly, had those 4 distinctly beautiful seasons, and was close enough to see our families without an airplane ticket. When we saw Freedom in the 50 States and discovered that NY was ranked last and NH was ranked first, we knew we were making the right move.

So, during one crazy week in June of 2016, we got married, moved to NH, and took new jobs.

Origin Stories: The Jankowskis Make The Free State Into Their Family's Home

I've been a participant and signer since 2005, and in 2009 my now wife Jaime and I moved from just over the border in Massachusetts. When I say "just over the border", I mean 1/8 of a mile and that's where I grew up. Sure, I went to school in Massachusetts, college and worked there, but New Hampshire and its low taxes and booming economy was always the goal. I grew up watching the businesses on the Mass side falter and shutter while just over the border the sleepy Seabrook community grew into the big box boulevard and all the jobs with it. When we decided to finally make the plunge, I leaped farther than just 1/8 of a mile, I roamed up to Exit 20 on 93. We found a place in Tilton, the gateway to the Lakes Region. Jaime was still working in Methuen, Mass and I was still working in Seabrook, at least for a month before the economic crisis hit home and my company shut down.

Origin Stories: Goshe Thrives in New Hampshire

In February of 2008 when I became a U.S citizen, I was led to believe that voting was now my civic duty. Previously, I had been completely apolitical and for the first time I started to read the agendas between the two party lines. Looking back, I was just another ‘one issue voter’. At the time, I could not comprehend how a government could force individuals to purchase health insurance. As disgusted as I was with taxation, it seemed like a no brainer to avoid voting for Obama. I still hadn’t found political home until a new friend from work introduced me to Ron Paul minarchism. This led me to a group of friends involved with Campaign for Liberty in Baltimore, Maryland. Later that year, this new group of friends decided to head to Lancaster, NH for the event of the year that I knew nothing about. It was called PorcFest.

Origin Stories: Robert Brags About his Liberty

New Hampshire just repealed concealed-carry permit requirements!

We have medical marijuana and are close to decrim.

We were the second state to recognize marriage rights for LGBT through legislation rather than the courts.

We have the best per capita representation in a state legislature, with an average of one representative for roughly every 3,250 people.

We have no income tax and no sales tax and the least tax revenue per capita among the states.

Unemployment; also lowest among all the states.

There is no requirement for car insurance which makes it super cheap (I saved 50%, yes my rates were literally halved, by switching to New Hampshire and didn't even need to call the lizard!).

We have among the lowest crime rates, and have been ranked among the healthiest states. We have the least STD’s!.

We have minor league baseball and hockey, some of the best hiking and skiing, Hampton Beach, and Chunky’s Cinema Pub!

This is what freedom can do, and we are just getting started! Live Free or Die!!

If your bags are not packed yet... what are you waiting for?? LIVE FREE with us!!

Origin Stories: Bringing the Chase's Home

I moved to New Hampshire in late January from Iowa. I am a New Englander by birth but life landed me in Iowa for past seven years, happily so. My wife is still back in Iowa settling up affairs there and I moved early to start a new job. Having lived in both Connecticut and Massachusetts previously, when we decided to move back to the area the choice was between two states - Vermont or New Hampshire. I would like to say that we chose the Shire for reasons of principle, and that was certainly a factor, but the overriding factors were the pragmatics. As a technologist it opened up the greatest number of options for employment for me (Manchester, Concord, and the Boston area), the taxes are favorable (I've given more than enough money to Taxachusetts), and the mode of life here is more to our liking. Once we sell the house in Iowa, my wife will be moving out here as well and we will be purchasing property to start a small farmstead; our goal is building towards self-sufficiency and working with like-minded people to secure as much freedom and privacy as possible for everyone.

Origin Stories: Melanie Finds Her Tribe

I had been "kinda sorta" planning on visiting New Hampshire for a while and had a train trip planned to L.A. in June for a friend's wedding. Due to train schedules, I had taken almost two weeks off of work. My anarchist friend who lives in New Hampshire told me that the TSA had quit some of the more objectionable activities that were the reason why I refused to fly on planes. So, I rescheduled my trip and flew to New Hampshire the morning after the wedding.

Back in Louisiana, I had begun to catch myself making concessions. After living in the Prison Capital of the country, New Hampshire was immeasurably better. Once, I was driving to the store at night, and saw some people walking down the sidewalk. The person in the car with me had to explain to me that walking after dark will NOT get you stopped by the police here.

Origin Story: Bruce Escapes Taxachusetts

I left the Marine Corps in May of 2011 and moved back to MA, upon return I applied for my LTC, 3 Months later I received a restricted to target and hunting from the city of Medford. I am a combat veteran who has been to Afghanistan and know my way around weapons safety, to me that was the first slap in the face.

One year later, I met my wife, got married, and had a baby. After finding a job and getting settled to married life, a friend encouraged me to move after moving to NH himself, to make the change. Considering the fraud, waste, and abuse that is part of the MA body politic I was tired of seeing my money get pissed away on negligible road work, shoddy construction, and insider deals. I found an awesome house in Derry that if plopped smack dab in the greater Boston area would cost 700K easy, my neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, and my wife and child are happier than ever. Many of us Vets get out looking to live in a place that embodies those principals we stood to defend and I find that here in NH, with the freedom-oriented knife and gun laws, fiscal responsibility in transparent government, and a better sense of self sufficiency and independence.

Origin Story: Kevin Moves to Lancaster

In August 2004, there was a rumor that my employer might close the facility where I worked in Texas. While discussing our options, I mentioned to my wife that a new facility had just been approved in New Hampshire.

Her response: "Are you serious? How soon can we go?" I smiled and said, "Well, let me tell you about this thing called the Free State Project."

Neither of us had ever lived in New Hampshire, and had no ties to New England or even the Northeastern U.S.; we were solid Southerners who hated the heat. But thanks to the FSP, we were able to research towns where we might like to live, compare housing prices and tax rates, and generally fall in love with New Hampshire.

We made our first visit to the 2006 Porcupine Freedom Festival, and spent a week touring the communities of the Great North Woods. The next time that we set foot in New Hampshire was October 1, 2012, when we arrived pulling all our household goods behind us to move into a house we had purchased online without ever seeing it in person.

I don't recommend it, but it worked out wonderfully for us!

Origin Stories: Mike and Debbie Kimball

Christmas with the Kimballs in the Free State

For a few years my best friend and oldest Army buddy, Jess Edwards, had been frequently sending materials to me on the Free State Project and why we should move to New Hampshire. We had originally planned to retire in California. Things change.

Two years ago Debbie and I decided to join the Free State Project. Why? There must be at least 101 reasons to make the move. :-) Here are our Top 5.

As much as we enjoyed the weather in California, it is constantly becoming more and more a Nanny State bent on reducing individual liberty and stealing from everyone to advance ludicrous agendas and projects. Wind farms built to produce "green energy" years ago are now being torn down because they kill a few birds. Want a handgun? You can't have it unless it is approved on the California DOJ "Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale" that shrinks every year because they are mandating a move to "smart" handguns. Even regulating dust from farming. Dust??? 'Nuff said.

Origin Stories: Hans

I'd learned about Free State Project from advertisements in the Libertarian Party newspaper and tried to find employment in NH after I finished school in 2004. Unfortunately, as I was just starting out my career, I had to take what I could get in terms of employment and ended up living and/or working in the statist dystopias of NJ, CT, and NY.

During this time, I became increasingly frustrated with the overbearing reach of the government and the massive support of collectivism in the Tri-state area, particularly as the cost of living rose tremendously due to the "tax and spend" habits of the state. Also, Bloomberg started pushing his soda bans, his political advertisements with his "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" propaganda, and his statement that government "has the right to infringe on your freedom".


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