Three months to final weeks before

Move steps that should be executed between three months and the final weeks before the move.

Organize Your Move

Start packing as soon as you can, making sure to pack a suitcase of items each family member will want accessible throughout the move, and once you are on the ground in NH before you are unloaded. Make sure to include medications, important papers and passports, etc.

Tagging boxes with names of rooms on each box, or different colors for different rooms with a key is very helpful. If you are to have a move-in party in NH, you will have a bunch of willing Porcupines helping, but they’ll need direction. Make it easy for them to help you.

Culling Your Possessions

If you are planning on selling items, use Craigslist, eBay, and garage sales and do it sooner rather than later as they take time and can be tiring, yet doing this can also help with a bit of extra cash.

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