Connect with the FSP Community

The FSP Forums and FaceBook groups and pages are the best way to find your new family. Check out some of these groups:

Free State Project Forums

Free State Project group The main FB group for the Free State Project.

Free State Project Welcome Wagon A group that will help put together events for Move-In parties and help new movers with questions.

Porcupines A place to find out about regular gatherings of Porcupines, Free Staters, native Porcupines, and other lovers of liberty.

Liberty Ladies of New Hampshire A group where the women in the community chat, make lunch plans, and generally support one another.

The Freecoasters (Seacoast Liberty) Our mission is to provide the opportunity for anyone wishing to learn about the principles of liberty to have a comfortable, social setting to do so. We hold regular meetups in Portsmouth, Dover, Exeter, and Rochester. Freecoaster meeting schedule.

Manch Happy Hour & Fun Stuff A place to find out what is happening in Manchester, NH.

The Freer Market of Manch Vegas A place to discuss deals, sales, job opportunities, and consumer issues relating to goods/services an individual in the Manchester area might have.

PORC Porcupine Outdoor Recreation Club, where Porcupines organize hikes and outdoor activities.

Live Free & Ride Dedicated to spreading the message of liberty and sharing our love of motorcycles.

Photo by Lucio Saverio Eastman

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