On the Ground in New Hampshire

Get to know the good folks at your local hardware store. They are often the people with all of the connections to help you will need through the year, such as where to purchase seasoned firewood, a good vet, pest management company, snow plow guy, when hunting season starts, where to find the best fishing tackle, etc.

Buy a snow shovel. Don’t be caught out on your first snow storm without this tool!

If you have a propane tank and/or a furnace oil tank, check how much fuel you have when you move in. If you are renting, note this on your lease so you will only have to fill the tanks to that level upon moving out.

If you have a fire place/wood stove, start looking for seasoned, split firewood. It is best to purchase this before Labor Day Weekend as prices start to go up as the weather changes and demand peaks.

Photo by dsearls

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