Life Administration ~ Utilities, Vendors & Changes of Address

Call utilities in your current state and set your shut down dates for your electric, gas, sewer, water, trash, telephone, internet, cable/TV, and any other service you currently utilize.

Get a letter of reference from each utility company. This will help you avoid deposit fees from the new utility companies, many companies have an option for this letter to be ordered on their websites.

Call utilities in NH and set up your start dates and appointments for installations.

Find a reputable vendor for your propane and/or furnace fuel refills. Some companies won’t work with you if you don’t use credit cards. Often times you will attain excellent customer service with local, family owned companies, rather than large corporations.

Find out if your new town has garbage pick up or not. If not, decide if you will make your own trips to the dump, or find a company that will pick up your garbage for a fee. You may find it easiest to find this information once you move in the local town paper.

File your Change of Address form with the US Postal Service

Know that your regular mail will be forwarded for one full year, but magazines and periodicals will only be forwarded for six months. Make sure you contact everyone.

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