Donation Appeal

Your financial contributions go directly toward achieving the FSP's mission of attracting 20,000 participants to New Hampshire in order to achieve Liberty in Our Lifetime. Your generous support will help us:

  • Trigger the Move by accelerating the sign-up rate through Facebook advertising to reach 20,000 signers.
  • Increase our advertising and educational outreach efforts online and in print.
  • Hire a publicist.
  • Update our marketing materials and merchandise.
  • Place more FSP spokespeople at liberty-oriented events.
  • Procure high-impact speakers at Liberty Forum with headliner Edward Snowden and PorcFest.
  • Implement training for activists and FSP volunteers to improve outreach results.
  • Support grassroots marketing efforts of FSP participants to recruit more signers, e.g. 101 Reasons Film, hiring graphic artists, etc.

Wish to support Chris Lopez specifically? Click HERE to support the FSP Admin Fund.

Want to learn more about the original Trigger the Move campaign started on January 30, 2014? Click HERE, where you will also find a list of our Trigger the Move Patrons who have generously supported the Free State Project at a level of $1,000 or more.

The Free State Project is a 501(c)(3) organization; contributions are tax-deductible. Our tax ID number is 36-4668773. For questions about Free State Project contributions please contact our Treasurer, Séamas Ó Scalaidhe, at

Photo by Kathryn Harper.

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