Voices Against Attack Vehicles

"’The Free State movement and Occupy New Hampshire have no history of violence, so it's very unclear why any police department would need to use an armored vehicle when addressing these groups," says Devon Chaffee, executive director of the NHCLU. ‘But we all agree that we want the police and we want our communities to be safe, and what this conversation is about is really what type of equipment and tactics are most appropriate to achieve that goal. I think this application has sparked a very important conversation.’" Read more…

“‘These claims are appalling and inaccurate,’ said Free State Project president Carla Gericke. ‘The Free State Project is a NH-based non-profit organization with the sole mission of attracting 20,000 pro-freedom people to the Granite State. In the decade of the FSP’s existence, to my knowledge, no participant has ever been implicated in a violent crime. In fact, Free Staters subscribe to the non-aggression principle, believing no one, including the state, should aggress against peaceful people.’” Read more…

“Only one thing differentiates me as a Free Stater: my belief that I don’t need government to tell me how to live, as long as I’m not hurting anyone or taking their stuff. Tanks are for killing and intimidating people. No Free State Project participant has ever committed an act of violence against any government official, anywhere, or encouraged anyone else to do so. In fact, inciting violence is a reason to get banned from the Free State Project. So why the tank?” Read more…

“The Free State Project detests violence and has a long-standing policy of disassociating with people who advocate violence, racial hatred or bigotry. The only threat Free Staters could pose in their advocacy of freedom is one of non-violence. Meeting that so-called threat with a tank is terrifying." Read more…

"’It's far from clear to us why an armored vehicle would be necessary to address what are generally, by and large, non-violent movements that in fact provide little or no threat to the security of our state,’ she said. Chaffee said she's concerned that ‘having militarized equipment and using militarized tactics will result in escalation of violence.’" Read more…

“I’m a Free Stater and working mother, and my ‘domestic terrorism’ materializes in the form of charity projects I organize in my spare time. My friends in the Free State Project share my values for community efforts and privately-funded charity, so over the past couple years it’s been really easy to raise thousands of dollars and feed thousands of impoverished residents of Concord, Nashua and Manchester.” Read more…

“Most of my ‘Free Stater’ friends have families, children, jobs, student loans and mortgages. What unique ‘daily challenges’ are they giving Concord police? It is sobering for police to label you and your friends ‘domestic terrorists,’ to hear that you are the enemy. And Chief Duval quickly flip-flopped, telling the Union Leader that he needs a BearCat to protect ‘life and property.’ Or maybe to serve warrants?" Read more...

“'Tanks have no place in policing,' said Gericke. 'Tanks are not toys. Free Staters are not terrorists. I hope the City of Concord and its police department do the right thing for the entire community'...” Read More…

“Concord wants to use a grant from the Department of Homeland Security to purchase a militarized police vehicle. We have a national debt of $16.7 trillion. The $258,024 will be added to that and will be repaid with the money taken out of each of our paychecks each week. Is that really free money after all?” Read more…

“One Keene city councilor calls Keene’s new BearCat a waste of money. Keene public records show that of the 21 times that Keene used its BearCat, only two were for questionably legitimate uses. The other 19 times were for ‘training purposes’—to prevent their BearCat from collecting rust.” Read more...

“Something more than money will be lost if the TSA’s expansionism isn’t thwarted. Gone will be the freedom to come and go un-monitored and un-harassed. Yesterday, writing in The Wall Street Journal, journalist Ted Koppel warned of the cost of government’s growing mania for security. “We have created an economy of fear, an industry of fear, a national psychology of fear. Al-Qaida could never have achieved that on its own. We have inflicted it on ourselves.” Read more…

"As for the other two groups, libertarian Free Staters and a handful of Occupy Wall Street hippies hardly constitute a 'daily' terror threat." Read more…

“A terrorist is a person who uses fear to achieve a political goal. Isn’t capturing more taxpayer money to buy new toys a political goal? Doesn’t labeling some of us as ‘domestic terrorists’ inspire fear? If Concord Police Chief John Duval is searching for ‘domestic terrorists’ in Concord, he should start with the man sitting behind his desk." Read more…

‘Why do you think Concord police would call the Free State Project anything close to a terrorist organization?’ Gericke replied that there are several reasons in mind, the first one being the fact council members and law enforcement didn’t think they would get caught...” Read more…

“Can anyone name an incident of terrorism in New Hampshire since the French and Indian War? Either domestic or imported? If you are already alarmed about warrantless searches and no-knock midnight raids by militarized police, this is not the time to be silent. New Hampshire does not have a terrorist behind every tree. We don’t need police with tanks. Police Chief John Duval says, ‘I don’t want our citizens to feel that their police department is becoming a quasi-military unit.’ Of course he doesn’t want us to ‘feel’ that way, but that’s exactly what’s happening. Read more…

“BearCats are pointed directly at peaceful protest – the grant itself says so: the daily problems caused by Free Staters or Occupy New Hampshire. When freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are under attack in this country, do I have a right to speak up, or should I just sit by as Homeland Security divides and conquers? What about the country we leave to our children and grandchildren?” Read more…

Photo credit: natebeaty.

runningwolfkenpo (not verified)

I live in Keene and run a martial arts business in Keene. Last thing I want to see are anarchy protesters and activists throwing molotov cocktails in the street and breaking my windows out. The Bearcat will help save downtown businesses like mine from getting trashed and burnt down. Unsavory crowds bent on destruction can be dispersed with the waterhose attachment..

Seth King (not verified)

If you're a martial artist, why do you need police protection? You should be able to do it all yourself like in the movies. You know, flying through the air lopping people's heads off with swords and karate kicking ten men in one jump.

Greg W (not verified)

Right now on the Lew Rockwell website, there is a large banner advertisement for the Tea Party Patriots.

I was wondering if the Free State Project can afford to advertise regularly with Lew Rockwell and grab that premium banner space as the Tea Party is doing now. It would be money well spent to trigger the move since LRC is the highest trafiic website.

Seth King (not verified)

Seriously, online advertising is the most cost effective form of advertising that I know of. It's also easy to target proper audiences.

Pretty much every libertarian under the age of 70 is on the internet. Find all of the most libertarian sites out there and find a way to advertise on every single one of them.

Then find out the monthly amount it would cost to do that. Maybe something like $5,000. Then make a big announcement to the 15,000 people signed up that for $3 a month average the FSP could advertise on all of the biggest libertarian websites in the world.

Carla Gericke
Carla Gericke's picture

Yes, thanks Greg and Seth, there are plans a foot to do more banner ads as we ramp up to Trigger the Move. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Dave B131313 (not verified)

They are replacing an older one. Its not a tank it doesn't have a gun mounted on it. Its just an up armored vehicle. Some people are idiots!!

AT4 (not verified)

Yes, they need tanks, up-armored vehicles, sharks with frikin lasers, F15s, Apache helos and an aircraft carrier to fight rampant terrorism. Maybe a moat or razor wire fence and some guard towers too. I think the best stategery would to be to "take the fight to them" you know, to "keep the war on their soil." You f'ing dolt. Last I checked, you were statistically more likely to drown in a urinal before being a victim of terrorism and even more likely to be killed by militarized law enforcement in your own home during a botched address on a warrant investigating your refrigerator for raw milk. Continue to live in fear and they will protect you. You will simply have to abide by their rules or else you pay the consequences - your liberty. People like you who have accepted dictitorial tyranny as safety have drank the koolaid to the point of retardation. I hope the state can find a comfy safe place to "treat" you.

stang289 (not verified)

ditto !

fre(e)d (not verified)


astypeqdcnbl (not verified)

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