Free State Project Hits 75% of Its 20,000 Goal: On Target for Mass Migration to NH in 2015

The Free State Project, a mass migration movement to concentrate 20,000 liberty activists in New Hampshire is advancing to the finish line with more than 15,000 participants now signed up, with thousands moving ahead of schedule.

October 25, 2013 – Manchester, NH – Today, the Free State Project announced that 15,000 participants have now signed up to move to New Hampshire for more liberty. This mass migration movement aims to concentrate 20,000 liberty activists in the Live Free or Die state. At the current rate of sign-ups, the organization anticipates it will “Trigger the Move” in 2015, three years ahead of schedule.

“Reaching 75% of our goal is a major milestone,” said FSP president, Carla Gericke. “I attribute the acceleration in sign ups to things like the NSA surveillance scandal, the TSA, the NDAA, the PATRIOT Act, Obamacare, unconstitutional gun control legislation, and the unwarranted wars under both Bush and Obama. As America devolves into a police state, well-informed people are seeking safe havens. The FSP offers a proven strategy for individuals who are looking for more liberty within a community of like-minded people.”

FSP participants pledge to move to New Hampshire within 5 years of reaching the 20,000 mark, agreeing to the following Statement of Intent: “I hereby state my solemn intent to move to the State of New Hampshire within 5 years after 20,000 participants have signed up. Once there, I will exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of civil government is the protection of individuals' life, liberty, and property.” Although not required to do so until the 20,000 milestone is met, almost 1,500 participants have already moved, with more are on the way.

“We know this approach is working,” said FSP founder Jason Sorens, who developed the idea of the FSP as a graduate student at Yale in 2001. The vote to select New Hampshire was taken in 2003. “My wife and I and our 2 year old daughter just moved ourselves, based on the successes we’ve seen other FSP participants achieve on the social and political front.”

Once in New Hampshire, Free State Project participants pursue various forms of individual activism. Some run for office, using the political system to work for reductions in taxation, regulation, and to reform all levels of government to expand individual rights and embrace free markets (successes include: cutting 2010 state budget by 11% or $1 Billion, enshrined jury nullification, passing marriage equality and medical marijuana). Others choose to work outside the system, such as homeschooling, or practicing civil disobedience (successes include Keene’s Robin Hooders). Others bring or start businesses (successes include: world’s first Bitcoin ATM).

Two incidents in the past year resulted in national media coverage, causing spikes in new FSP signers. In December 2012, NH state representative Cynthia Chase called “Free Staters” the “single biggest threat the state is facing today… What we can do is to make the environment here so unwelcoming that some will choose not to come, and some may actually leave. One way is to pass measures that will restrict the ‘freedoms’ that they think they will find here.” And in July 2013 it was discovered that the City of Concord, NH had claimed in a federal grant application for a $260,000 Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck that “Free Staters” together with “Sovereign Citizens” and “Occupy New Hampshire” posed a domestic terrorist threat, saying the groups presented “active and daily challenges.” The Concord Police Chief, John Duval, later backpedaled and allegedly filed an addendum striking references to the groups from the original grant application.

“We saw our website traffic double and got lots of new signers and supporters,” said Gericke. “Frankly, by showing their true colors, these state agents did us a favor.”

For more information, please contact: Kari DePhillips at or Carla Gericke at

Liberty dude (not verified)

Sounds good. Some things I saw about New Hampshire. New Hampshire doesn't have use taxes, service taxes, estate taxes, inheritance taxes, internet taxes, gambling taxes, luxury taxes, bottled water taxes, soda taxes, candy taxes, inventory taxes, personal property taxes, camping taxes, a general sales tax (statewide or local), an income tax on wages (statewide or local), liquor taxes, cigar taxes or a bottle deposit fee. Around 20 communities in New Hampshire don't even have property taxes. Overall, New Hampshire has 1 of the lowest tax burdens of any state.

More about New Hampshire.

Jason Free 123 (not verified)

Murray Rothbard (not verified)

This is an achievement of epic proportions. New Hampshire is a sanctuary. Life is slow yet immensely satisfying, considering the people understand self-reliance and responsibility. Slowly, government programs have stifled progess, but NH has held on. The Free State Project gives hope to those who believe in Liberty, and when I say Liberty, I mean true Liberty. It is a word that is frequently thrown around, and frankly most of the time deeply misunderstood. I commemorate the individuals that helped to make this idea a reality. Thank you for your hard work in trying to preserve NH's pristine beauty.


Sgt. Joshua S (not verified)

I am a combat veteran and a prepper I'm looking for like minded men and woman to organize and train with for the storm to come. Please fellow patriots its time to stand together and push back. I'm reaching out in hopes that people will reach back. Together organized we stand a chance but divide we surely will fall. It's time to restore the constitution back to the people and the only way to do that is to take it back from the criminals in Washington who infiltrated our great country and are tearing apart the threads of the vision our founding fathers have envisiond for us. It's time, it's time take a stand, to draw that line in the dirt. We are Americans we have fought so hard to keep this country what it is and I for one choose to fight and die for the restoration of the constitution and restore liberty and freedom back to the sons and daughters of our countrymen, our ancestors, the men and woman who gave it all for a vision of a free future. Now we have to bleed to preserve that.

Freedom lover (not verified)

Tactically how is New Hampshire really that good a location? While I love the East Coast I have not signed up and know many others who also refuse to join simply because the "zombie" ratio is far too high. Any collapse at all will result in mass exodus from urban centers within a day by foot of most of that entire side of the states. I also want to ask how one can be free and state in the same sentence?

Angela Harris
Angela Harris's picture

Freedom Lover -- New Hampshire is sparsely populated in many areas, and the White Mountains and North Country offer a lot of refuge from the Great Unwashed. There are many places for remote bug-out locations. As for the 'state' in Free State -- think "state of mind". :)

Vermount (not verified)

I will stay in Vermont until NH can get their gun laws worked out.

Bill Washington (not verified)

Unfortunately New Hampshire has a tax on dividends.

Sean Hickey (not verified)

New Hampshire is truly one of the great states here in the Union. Low Taxes, more of a self sufficient lifestyle, sense of community, etc. Also, it isn't as densely populated as Massachusetts or New York in its metropolitan areas.

However one thing that I would like to See New Hampshire pass is a bottle deposit law, allowing NH residents deposit there bottles at a supermarket. We could use that money to help raise funds for ourselves and for other uses.

Jackson Browne (not verified)

Is this really a problem? Neither Vermont (ranked 48th overall) nor New Hampshire (ranked 47) have significant crime.

On the other hand, Vermont (ranked 12th) has a much higher tax burden than New Hampshire (ranked 49th). You sure pay a lot for your gun laws. Are they worth it?


Peter HUdson (not verified)

I was so lucky to escape Massachusetts back in 2003, very happy I made the move to NH and I am keeping a weary eye out that the folks do not attempt to turn NH into a Massachusetts North... I love New England, but New Hampshire has my heart and I will do whatever it takes to preserve this..

Paul Fairbrook (not verified)

Which communities in NH are free of Property Taxes? Are any of them near a large city?

jeff white (not verified)

Well, I'm not sure how to regard this movenent. I do know how the Federal Goverment will view it: they will see it as a threat and at some point take the necessary action to eliminate it. The Feds will probably rock the Free Staters to sleep by doing little or nothing until enough of the "bad apples" place themselves in one barrel -then go in for the turkey shoot.

annalisashopping's picture

I spent a winter in The North Country (Bethlehem), where the population is sparse, the terrain rugged and beautiful. I hope to be going back very soon, as a part of FSP, and to be closer to my husband's family.

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