Powerful Rebuke to Cops, Says Reason

Reason's senior editor, Jacob Sullum covers FSP President Carla Gericke's Appeals Court win. "Three years ago, in Glik v. Cunniffe, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit upheld a man's First Amendment right to record an arrest on Boston Common. Last week, in Gericke v. Weare, the court upheld a woman's First Amendment right to record a traffic stop in Weare, New Hampshire. The combination of these two decisions is a powerful rebuke to cops who continue to harass people with bogus wiretapping charges when they dare to capture images or sound of police encounters on their cellphones. Read more...

Russia Today also weighed in with an article titled "Americans have First Amendment right to film police, US appeals court rules."

Jack Free (not verified)

Congrats to Carla Gericke on this great victory. Now for the sequel.

Since the arrest was invalid and unconstitutional, this means that the arrest should never have taken place.

Of course, the record of the arrest should be expunged. But more significantly, all personal and biometric information ( i.e. mug shots and fingerprints (DNA?) ) should also be purged from all Police databases. Moreover, the police must disclose if any of this information has been shared with any other "law enforcement" agencies, and they likewise should be forced to expunge this information.

Even if Carla had been arrested on a previous occasion, and the police say that "they already had this information", it doesn't matter, because some of the information (especially the mug shot) is dynamic and changes over time.

Please make a go at this - it would be precedent-setting.

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