Portsmouth to Get Its Own Liberty Meet-Up Space

PORTSMOUTH - On July 25th, Mike Vine, co-organizer of the Free State Project's PorcFest X, announced on Facebook that the Freecoast is getting its first liberty space this fall, expected to open Sept 1. I spoke with Vine about the new venue, dubbed the Praxeum.

SLN: Who's behind this venture?

Vine: A few partners, all in the Freecoast liberty community, put up the financing to get it rolling. We have a lot of space and hope to make it financially sustainable long term. For now, the partners view it as a combination space for us to do our projects and as a way to give back to the liberty community.

SLN: What's your vision for the venue?

Vine: My vision is to have a flexible use space for liberty-oriented people. It can serve as a co-working space for freelancers. It can be a classroom... a space for private events... a hangout for the local liberty community.

As a voluntarist, I'm driven to see that our development of the movement includes building institutions. We have distinct values that set us apart from the mainstream. Working at another local co-working space helped crystalize for me how much we need to have our own things, our own spaces.

SLN: How will people gain access to the Praxeum?

Vine: All members who pay a monthly fee will have access and can come and go as they like. Everyone else is welcome to come and hang out and contribute where they can. We've already had a number of people volunteer to donate furniture and help out in various ways. The community is behind it.

There may be a second level of membership for "pro" members. If you want to have a permanent desk, a bit of the area reserved to do certain kinds of projects, you could pay a higher monthly fee for that.

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pat howell (not verified)

a friend of mine in new hampshire told me about your group. he is organized to fight you in realizing your dream. he states that your group doesnt in believe in having any laws at all. states that if someone murders someone or rapes someone then nothing will happen to them legally. is this your vision and beliefs? it seems what you are doing on paper is very noble and actually kinda cool. please tell me that is wrong understanding. pat howell

Mike Vine (not verified)


That is a common misunderstanding. Some Free State Project participants are self-described anarchists, but that doesn't mean they don't believe in laws – quite the opposite! What they mean is that all individuals, whether they work for the government or not, should be expected to respect life, liberty, and property. When they say they're "anarchists," they just mean that they don't believe that government agents have special rights that you or I don't. They don't mean they want to cause chaos or harm anybody. In fact, it is often the government itself causing chaos and harming people in the name of "doing good."

Hope that addresses your concern.

Kind regards, Mike Vine

David K (not verified)

I am thinking of moving to N Hampshire this year. I am a well read minarchist and would like to learn more about the Free State Project. I grew up and went to college and in Wisconsin and now I am in the land of death and taxes and obesity- Illinois. I am only staying for family but I am young and I am excited about culture and life in N Hampshire.

My email is davidkellyking@gmail.com if anyone would like to continue the dialog on NH.

In Liberty,


Marie (not verified)

I am only staying for family but I am young and I am excited about culture and life in N Hampshire. Marrakech

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