Peeping While You're Sleeping

Liberty Forum is fast approaching. Now in its 7th year, with the theme "Watching the Watchers," Liberty Forum is set to be the biggest and best one yet. One thing that differentiates the Free State Project’s annual events from other liberty conferences is that we are focused on doing, acting, producing, changing. We don’t just talk about the problems; we work to fix them. One way to do this is to make fun of the state. And boy, did FSP participant Dan McCall do just that. The owner of Liberty Maniacs made a t-shirt bearing the NSA logo, modified to read "peeping while you're sleeping,” with the slogan "NSA: the only part of the government that actually listens." The NSA was not amused. They contacted the distributor demanding the product be removed from Zazzle’s site, saying, “Your product contained content which infringes upon the intellectual property rights of National Security Agency.” McCall decided to fight back. Represented by Paul Levy of Public Citizen, McCall’s lawsuit argues the cease-and-desist letter sent to Zazzle violated McCall's First Amendment rights, which includes protecting parody speech. Case law has established that not being able to make fun of things is, well, no fun. Since fun is something Free Staters enjoy, McCall’s design will be the front of the official Liberty Forum tee this year. Buy your tickets to Liberty Forum, and don’t forget to add this limited edition t-shirt to the cart. Dan will receive a portion of the sales, so it’s a great way to support a fellow liberty lover while sticking it to the man. Catch Liberty Forum speaker Ben Swann's take on McCall's case here. See you at Liberty Forum, where we watch the watchers!

  • Jan 30 2014 

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