Newsletter May 2005

It's time for the monthly roundup of Free State Project news!

The FSP is now sponsoring Pro-Freedom Talk Radio airing 6 days a week. It's called "Free Talk Live". They are on in 5 markets right now including Kansas City and even parts of New Hampshire. The talk show's hosts are all Free State Project Participants and they promote the FSP at least once an hour. If it's not on in your area, you can listen to the show via their Archives, Podcasting, or Live Streaming at If you'd like to see it get picked up on one of your local radio stations, contact the host, Ian, at, and he can give you more info about how to help make that happen.

Several new items are in the FSP Store - a new FSP brochure, two new magnets, a new section for NH Merchandise (currently featuring a discount subscription to NHToDo magazine), and a partnership with Netflix (for DVD rentals) so you can rent a variety of liberty minded movies no matter where you live.

The FY 2005 Profit & Loss statement is now available. Volunteers are always needed for a variety of jobs small and large, so if you'd like to do more to help foster Liberty in your Lifetime, just contact us. If you can't give some time to help, donations are always welcome and your contribution will support print and online advertising, outreach to other pro-freedom organizations and their members, as well as basic infrastructure like the FSP website. For more ways you can help, see our Volunteer Center

We never know what sort of donations or help our participants might be able to arrange. For example: A generous donor arranged for the FSP to have radio ads on a top-40 Internet radio station. The audience is nationwide/worldwide. The spots are 1-minute spots and will begin airing on Saturday, 20 times per day. Thanks to the station and the donor for providing yet another outreach method to all of the liberty-minded people out there.

Amanda Phillips wrote a brief report on her talk at the LP Minnesota Convention. If you'd like to see the Free State Project promoted at an event near you, just let us know! We had a presence at FreedomFest in Las Vegas, thanks to Dan McGuire, and we have plenty of upcoming events on the calendar as well.

The Jan/Feb '05 issue of American Handgunner magazine contained a great article Can a Porcupine Save Your Guns? by FSP vice-president Evan Nappen. The article is now available in a nice PDF to print and share.

On May 9, Mike Fisher, an FSP participant, violated NH's licensing laws at the State Board of Barbering, Cosmetology, and Esthetics in Concord in an planned act of civil dis-obedience. There's been a lot of news coverage, much of it positive.

Have photos of an local FSP event, or even just you wearing an FSP t-shirt in public? Send them to us and we'll include them on the website or future emails!

The 100+ early movers are already making waves and news regularly, and as more activists move every month, the number of activities that seek to increase liberty will only grow. The [ Welcome Wagon][18] is always ready to help visitors to the Free State meet people and see the sights, as well as help new movers get settled in. Just let them know your plans to visit!

Speaking of visiting, The Porcupine Freedom Festival is fast approaching - July 23-31, 2005! Keep your eye on the We'll Be There list. Is your name on it? We're now at 225 people, and the list continues to grow! Have you made your reservations yet? Roger's Campground and Motel will almost certainly fill up, especially after readers of Reason and LPNews find out about the Porcupine Freedom Festival! This will be the best, most exciting liberty event in 2005. Don't miss it! All the information that's fit to print can be found here:

Want more frequent emails of FSP news? While we're going to maintain a roughly "monthly" mailing to everyone, for those of you who want more regular updates from the FSP, we've created a new mailing list just for you. If you subscribe, you'l get more emails as news events happen, weekly or even more often.

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