Newsletter August 2013

The BEARCAT controversy; Jason Sorens, and Amanda BillyRock move to NH; Liberty Forum 2014; and more!

dennis.jette@ax... (not verified)

Makes you think !!!

NH citizens and ALL friends of liberty and patriots. Please for your own sake and that of our country. Watch this video as a retired Iraq veteran, a colonial, Peter Martino, lives in Epsom, NH , describes the militarization of American police forces and why Concord NH should not buy and does not need a militarized vehicle.

This video was shot during an open informational meeting in Concord NH. Please watch as he "warns that the Department of Homeland Security is working with law enforcement to build a “domestic army,” because the federal government is afraid of its own citizens." This video has gone viral on Facebook. This link in direct to the best video I have seen from youtube.

Anony Mouse (not verified)

Someone needs to invite Colonel Martino to the Keenevention and Porcfest!

Anon (not verified)

As soon as you guys do become a "free state" policy, New Hampshire will be seen as the "pot at the end of the rainbow" for thieves and con artists, I've heard gang members that are also interested in moving their if the changes do ever come into effect.

Good luck with anarchy..

Matt Clem
Matt Clem's picture

Thieves and con artists usually go where its easiest to ply their trade. I can't imagine a policy of maximum protection of property rights that is enforced and espoused by a liberty - loving group of gun - toting voluntaryists creating a state where it is easy to steal or con someone. As well, most gangs I have heard of usually make their money from illegal drug trades. If we succeed, drugs will cease to be illegal and the exhorbitant drug prices that attract gangs will cease to exist. Unless these gang members were card carrying members of The Lollypop Guild, I can't imagine what they would want from New Hampshire.

rebekah39online's picture

Congratulations!! You guys are doing awesome work!! :)

NHPaul (not verified)

Not sure how you imagine a society of well armed, polite property owners with additional robust enforcement of rules against harming persons and property would be attractive to criminals ... especially one in which virtually all black markets have been eliminated.

There's nothing wrong with the enforcement of laws/rules against harming other people or their property. I (a NH native, actually) would want those rules to be maintained, and enforced, as would every FSPer I know.

It's behaviors which neither harm nor recklessly endanger others which should not be criminalized.

Taxation is simply not the most effective means of providing these services in an accountable way. They need to be paid for, but people's right to make their own choices must still be respected. Choice is the basis of all real accountability.

Diana Starr Daniels (not verified)

I agree that we don't need to militarize the police and the whole idea is an overreaction...however, have you considered the hidden costs of living in NH? Property taxes are extremely high to compensate for no income or sales taxes. There are a lot of foreclosures here and I think the property taxes are a major factor. And how about no services? They hold psychotic patients in emergency rooms for weeks because there is limited room in mental-health facilities. Mentally disturbs people are in unsupervised apartments where they are a danger to themselves and others. And G.A.L. advocates for children are all volunteer with the only requirement is a High School diploma to become one. Doesn't matter there's not a lot of services to refer them to anyway. Heat is high and utilities are higher too. I love NH but don't move here just to save money. You pay it out in other ways.

jesicavvv (not verified)

Why is everyone calling free staters terrorists? They are also living for normal life. The strike was necessary to prevent them from these struggles. I think they must strike forever to make them free from this. Make them feel free to live a life. microsoft error codes

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