"Nail a Signer" Pledge/Donation Drive

It's time to get more signers! Thanks to a generous Free State Project supporter, $5 will be donated to the FSP for every verified signer we get between now and the end of Liberty Forum. If you have not signed the pledge yet, now is the time to do so! You know the FSP is your best chance of Liberty in Our Lifetime. We are the largest, most successful, voluntary mass migration liberty movement in the world. No more excuses, this is HAPPENING. Be part of history. If you have already signed up as a participant, what about your liberty-loving friends? Take the time to reach out personally to someone about the FSP today. What about your significant other? In some cases, only one spouse signed the pledge. Ask your partner to sign up too. How about your children who have turned 18 and who love the FSP? Get them to pledge as well. We have also discovered that some eager-beavers are moving without pledging. We are happy you are here, but please make the counter move. Every signer counts. Now is the time to seal the deal! Encourage friends, family, acquaintances who love liberty to take the plunge and take the pledge. Remember, the pledge expresses an intention to move to New Hampshire, but we understand that things can change in the future. If it makes you feel more comfortable about signing, know the FSP, being a peace-loving community, is not going to black-ops rendition you if your situation changes in the future. We just want your commitment today. “I hereby state my solemn intent to move to the state of New Hampshire. Once there, I will exert the fullest practical effort toward the creation of a society in which the maximum role of civil government is the protection of individuals’ life, liberty, and property.” How does the “Nail a Signer” pledge/donation drive work? The official count started at 15,292 (this is the number agreed upon with the donor). The drive will run until the end of Liberty Forum (February 23, 2014) or 16,000 signers, whichever comes first. Does 16,000 sound like a lot? It is--it would put our sign-up statistics through the roof!--but if every signer recruited just one more person, we’d be done. And being done with recruitment sounds great, right? More movers, more activists, more ways to build a beacon of liberty for the rest of the world to emulate. We need you! If you are interested in making a matching donation in any amount to this drive, please hit the “Contact” button on the side of this page and let us know. The funds raised from this drive will be plowed back into recruiting more signers. We are more than 75% to our goal to get 20,000 liberty activists to pledge to move to New Hampshire. Let’s Trigger the Move as soon as possible in order to benefit from an influx of more liberty activists to the Live Free or Die state. Based on the past decade’s successes with only a relatively small number of movers, we know the strategy of concentrating liberty activists in one state is achieving tangible results. Let’s get this Free State Project party on the road, Trigger the Move, and achieve Liberty in Our Lifetime!

Seth King (not verified)

I think that's a really cool way to donate. It's very incentive based. Perhaps there could be a website or something where we can do sort of an ongoing pledge and it tallies everything up and shows the total. For example, I might be willing to donate $0.50 per signer. Somebody else might donate $0.25. And another person willing to donate $1. And a bunch of people do that and you could see a total of 164 people totaling $52.75 per signer. And every month we tally up the number of new signers. So let's say in March the total were 74 new signers it would be 74 * $52.75 = $3903.50 raised for the FSP in March. Just thinking it would be a fun incentivized way to bring in steady/more donations. Thoughts?

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