We Made the Move: Katie McCall

As of today, my two children and I have been in the “Shire” for four whole weeks. We conveniently landed in our new home after the last snowfall and before the hot humid summer. Mostly I’m buttering my kids up for what I know is ahead of us. Ticks. Mosquitoes. Blizzards. My son has promised to shovel snow. He thinks it’ll be no big deal… Score!

We left California--where I spent my entire life--for good on February 24, the day after the judge let me off of formal probation for a felony I was given for attending a birth in 2007 while I was a midwifery student. I was not allowed to leave Los Angeles County while I was on probation and was restricted from my work as a midwife. Because of my felony, I was unable to find work in a county with a nearly 20% unemployment rate. My income had decreased to one-tenth of what it had been before my arrest. I cleaned toilets, babysat, washed cars, ran errands... all for friends, because strangers ran criminal background checks.

Leaving Los Angeles was a bit like the scene in Titanic where the main characters swim up from the sinking ship at the last moment. Arriving in New Hampshire has initially been a bit like sitting on board the Carpathia, straining my eyes to see the spot where everything I owned went down into the icy deep.

It’s amazing what you decide to keep when you realize you can only take what you can carry. For me it was mostly family heirlooms, photographs and art. A couple of Free Staters also kindly offered to hold some boxes of “media rate” book shipments. I left the state in a hurry, afraid their gaslighting would decree a return to my shackles.

But liberty is of such value that it is worth everything and more prized than the loss of all things. Liberty can only be protected once critical mass is attained. And that critical mass wasn’t in Los Angeles as I watched so many basic human rights violated: pregnant women in handcuffs being chained to metal benches all night long and denied food and water, mothers having their children kidnapped by the state for profit, ID requirements to leave the county, homeland security on every corner, warrantless searches, rights to work denied for state interests... I had to get out.

I still am not a whole lot better off, financially, here in the Granite State. But I know there are people nearby who would come to court with me if I were arrested for helping someone. And I know there are people who would protest if the state stole my children. And I know I would do the same for them.

I haven’t been out to meet too many of the good folks in the FSP yet because the first job I took here requires a lot of hours from me, but I hope to slowly make great friendships in my new home. If you are interested in our story, or are reading this from California (or any of the increasingly hostile police states), you can read more in the book I wrote, The Tyranny of the Cubicle, available on Amazon.

Whippoorwill (not verified)

Welcome to New Hampshire...the (still) freest state in the nation...unless her residents fall victim to what the rest of the country has: a sense of entitlement to what other people have earned. NH is historically resilient, resourceful, and ornery. But we also love those who love to live their lives just to be "left alone." We grow kitchen gardens, and gardens to last a year, and hay to last a year's worth of horses and cows, and we raise our own chickens for the freshest eggs you'll ever see in a sugar cookie or suffle, and we show up on your doorstep with casseroles from our gardens, enough to feed the family for weeks, when disaster or misfortune strikes.

And you can grow your own garden of fresh heirloom vegetables, a kitchen garden of culinary and medicinal herbs, and raise your backyard chickens for the fluffiest omelets and most savory meat for Sunday dinner...life in New Hampshire is good, if not, great.

But, it's the best of all worlds as we know them.

Welcome to New Hampshire. Now go home. (JUST KIDDING!!! :-) Stay for supper. Buy the house next door. Host the next potluck. Host the next big game cookout. Trim the next Christmas tree in New Hampshire...place it in your family room, wrap it with garland and tiny blinking lights, and cheap and heirloom decorations just for this one season. Breathe in the heady, intoxicating aroma of balsam fir, right there, in your family room. The lights and the aroma are two things you can't escape...nor do you want to escape.

Sometimes, the greatest peace is to be captive to it...just like Christmas in New Hampshire.

Welcome Home (not verified)

Welcome Home.

Rich, Farmington, NH (not verified)

So proud of you for making such a move. And praises to your kids for supporting you. Praying you are all blessed for being in NH.

Crystal Carey (not verified)

I have lived in NH for my entire life. Well save a few months in MA, ME, and PA. I don't think there is any place better than NH. The snow sucks sometimes, but we expect it and get used to it. Watch out for that first snow fall, people have forgotten how to drive in it and end up in ditches. If you come to NH you are coming to the best place in the country, our freedoms will not be infringed, our elected officials understand this. Maybe it is because we are a smaller state I don't know. But if they should ever try to take from us the rights we deserve they know they won't hold office any longer. So come on home to NH, you will love the view!

dpricelaw_64's picture

Those bastards! I will see you all soon, hopefully in the spring.

dry_powder's picture

No 'journey' is without trials: You have been tried and tested more than most and cast-off those injustices into light, to watch them wither. The important point is, that same journey has delivered you to NH. Welcome, you are among friends : )

Lifetime NH resident (not verified)

Please be aware that there are corrupt officials here as well, especially in Rockingham county, who make it their life's work to strip people of their basic freedoms. A loved one of mine found this out the hard way several years ago after answering a police officer's questions at her house under the guise of a friendly chat. Days later, that friendly conversation turned into an arrest warrant. It took an expensive criminal defense attorney and thousands of dollars to clear her good name, and even then, they were sure to demonize her in the local media. Because of that, I have had to drill it into my kids that you give nothing to law enforcement except your name and identification unless an attorney is present. Very sad.

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