We Made the Move: Becky and Adam Anderson

On June 5, my husband Adam and I arrived in Manchester, NH after a seven-day drive from Los Angeles, California. We had been planning our trip for over three years, since our first visit to New Hampshire for Liberty Forum in 2009. This spring I started blogging at The New Porcupine to document the planning, spending, and experiences that go along with moving across the country for the Free State Project. After three weeks of apartment-hunting, PorcFest, and hanging out in different regions of NH, Adam and I moved into our new home right in the heart of Manchester. We look forward to hooking into our community of fellow Porcupines and other New Hampshirites and helping to achieve liberty in our lifetimes!

And now, to answer some New Mover questions:

1. What online resource did you find most useful when planning your move?

I will give somewhat boring answers and say Craigslist and Facebook. Although Craigslist doesn't seem to be used as much here for job listings as in California cities, it is the best resource I've found for finding apartment or house rentals. Walkscore is also good when you're looking at apartment addresses that are meaningless to you, because it will show you the closest restaurants, grocery stores, parks, etc. Facebook is helpful if, like me, you're not much of a forum poster but you have occasional questions to bounce off your FSP friends. There are tons of Facebook groups for job alerts, housing, social gatherings, and more.

2. What was the biggest challenge?

So far it's been moving far away from friends and family. Ask me again after our first winter and I might change my answer!

3. What has been a surprising discovery about NH?

There have been many, and I'm sure many more to come. New Hampshire has a LOT of trees. And vanity plates. You may have to drive farther to get somewhere, but that drive will be pretty, pleasant, and stress-free. Manchester is much more diverse than I was led to believe (which is a good thing). Market Basket, a huge and brand new supermarket in downtown Manchester, closes at 7 p.m. on Sundays (unbelievable!). Car insurance is much, much cheaper than it is in California.

4. Name one thing you would do differently if you were moving again?

We might have gotten here a little later in the month. Locking down an apartment that we liked took only three days of house-hunting, but move-in wasn't until July 1. By that time, after nearly a month in New Hampshire, we were so eager to finally stay in one place and start cooking our own meals again. Because most rentals function on a month-to-month schedule, we could have safely arrived in NH mid-month and still had plenty of July 1 rentals to choose from.

5. What's your favorite New Hampshire restaurant so far?

India Palace in Manchester. We've already gotten take-out from there three times! The food rivals our favorite Indian place in San Francisco and is better than anything we found near us in Los Angeles.

Emily (not verified)

Thanks for your post Becky and Adam! Super Helpful!

Scott Legier (not verified)

Welcome ...I also came from southern California. ..San diego area and arrived about two weeks ago and found the Plymouth area. My daughter who is 15 is having issues but look forward to reconnecting tothe natural beauty here. I love the mountains and Lakes Region area so gave up the "conveniences" of the city. Not sure of my decisions but keep in touch call me at 858 204 0955 if wanted. Scott

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