Lloyd's move story

On Grafton Pond

When I first heard about the Free State Project I felt the same excitement that I experienced when I heard they were forming a National Libertarian Party back in early 1972. I had hopes the party would bring the libertarian philosophy into the mainstream. Well, that didn’t happen:)

I joined the FSP about a year after it was formed. I assumed that Alaska or another Western state would win and although I wasn’t moving out of New England, I was willing to support the organization in any way I could. When I got on the forum I realized that NH had a good chance of winning, decided on moving here then,and, now we know the outcome:)

Living in Hartford and Windsor, Connecticut, I was never more than a few hours from almost any NH event and I spent quite a bit of time day tripping to meet and greets and other events particularly in Keene and at the Jim & Lauren build in Winchester.

I moved to Grafton about 14 months ago and became active in local and state politics. I supported Ron Paul, won local office as Supervisor Of The Checklist, and worked on another Freestater’s campaign for State Rep. I also attend Civil Disobedience Even ts and try to support my friends who are intimately involved in them.

I love New Hampshire and particularly Grafton. The views are incredible and I love the mix of nicely maintained normal houses, trailers, homemade houses and cabins both nice and run down. While we have Government Light, we still have more than we want (who doesn’tJ) and we are working on it.

Photo by Chuck Burgess.

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