Mother Jones Weighs in on BEARCAT

When Mother Jones, Occupy, the ACLU, and the Free State Project are all equally concerned about the militarization of the police and the secret designation of peaceful groups as "domestic terrorists," you know we are winning.

"After the public release of a document where he suggested that Occupiers and libertarians pose a domestic terror threat to Concord, New Hampshire, the city's police chief has backed away from the claim. In an application to the Department of Homeland Security seeking more than $250,000 to purchase an armored police vehicle, the capital city of New Hampshire specified the local branch of the Occupy movement and the Free State Project, an effort to recruit 'liberty-loving people' to relocate to the Granite State, as potential sources of terrorist action." Read more.

Photo by: Mr. T in DC.

Jeff (not verified)

I love The Free State Project and I love how New Hampshire House only pays it's member representatives $100 dollar per year, this is how politics was suppose to be in America. And you are right to say "NO" to the free Tank, it is not necessary and we really need to work on shutting down the desperate illegal outfit known as the DHS. They are a danger to every American and have NO business in the Great Country of the United States Of America. You really need to get rid of that Police Chief in Concord that want's that tank and anyone else pushing for it, this psychopath has no business even living or holding any office in New Hampshire, he goes against everything the State and people are about. Freedom, Liberty, SMALL GOVERNMENT and happiness.

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