Meet Your Liberty Forum Team

Liberty Forum is put together by the incredible efforts of a team of dedicated volunteers. If you see them around, be sure to thank them for their hard work, and maybe even buy them a beer!

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Carolyn Carolyn A was introduced to the Free State Project in 2010 when she attended her first PorcFest. She became a frequent visitor to New Hampshire, and finally made the move in June 2013. As Transportation Coordinator for Liberty Forum, she is responsible for arranging flights and safe and timely ground transportation for our speakers. This includes communicating any delays and reworking the schedule as necessary. If you are a speaker, and you made it to Liberty Forum, it’s thanks to Carolyn. If you didn’t, it’s on Mother Nature!

Kristine Kristine B moved to New Hampshire in 2012, having signed up for the FSP back in 2002. Kristine is FSP president, Carla G’s right hand gal, providing weekly administrative support, and got roped into handling the VIP swag bags. At Liberty Forum, Kristine will manage VIP relations and the VIP hospitality suite. If you’re one of our VIPs, get ready to be coddled, and for some super-cool swag.

Tyler Tyler Crosson escaped from Connecticut in 2013, and immediately become an active FSP doer, working on the social media team, and volunteering to help with Porcfest and Liberty Forum. Tyler solicited sponsors and exhibitors, and will be in charge of the exhibitors’ area. If you’re looking for an electrical cord, Ty’s your guy.

Kari Kari DeP moved to New Hampshire in 2012, having learned about the FSP in college. She is the co-founder of a successful public relations firm, and handles public relations and media for the FSP. National news stories about the FSP is our #1 recruitment tool--every time we make the news, we see a significant spike in signers--so Kari has her work cut out for her, and she does a marvelous job.

Theresa Theresa Earle is an early mover who made her way to the Free State Project from the Occupy movement, and we’re lucky to have her on our side. Theresa will be handling registration and managing on-site volunteers. This is a monumental task, so be sure to give her your thanks when you pick up your badge and your statement of intent if you haven't already signed.

Crista Crista G is an FSP early mover, and has worked on every Liberty Forum since its inception 7 years ago. This year, Crista is once again the liaison with the hotel, assisting with room changes, meals, and the like. Crista is the go-to person for all things hotel related. You are in very capable hands.

Franz Franz H is an early mover who arrived in New Hampshire in 2008. As a social media guru and the brains behind the FSP’s Twitter account, his contributions are invaluable: Twitter and Facebook are now the top channels through which the FSP gets new signers. Franz will be live tweeting during Liberty Forum, and is hosting an “@FreeStateNH” Tweetup on Thursday at 5 p.m. Stop by and join the fun.

Liam Liam L is a First 1,000 Mover and lead organizer of Liberty Forum 2014. He moved from the UK in 2011 with his long suffering wife, and lives in Nashua. For Liberty Forum Liam wears many hats, including: booking many of the awesome speakers, logistical oversight for the event, scheduling, Audio/Visual design (along with our awesome A/V team of Paul, Athena, Yury, Eric, and James), venue design, keeping other members of the team happy with wildly optimistic projections, and many smaller but important hats too. When not spending hundreds of hours working on Liberty Forum, Liam is a Software Architect.

Chris Chris Lopez is the Free State Project’s administrator. She sends our “welcome” letters, updates our databases, answers phone calls and emails, coordinates visitors, and provides general office assistance. In keeping with her amazing “can-do” spirit, she will be working the registration desk at Liberty Forum. Chris drove the recent Mover Number Update project, and is mover #50.

Vince Vince P first found out about the FSP in 2007 when he saw a video of Ron Paul speaking at Liberty Forum. After living in Florida for 26 years, Vince moved to NH in 2010. In 2012, Vince was one of the original five board members that created the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence, a tax deductible non-profit organization that seeks to promote New Hampshire’s peaceful separation from Washington DC through educational initiatives and the fostering of conversations between all New Hampshire citizens. In the run-up to Liberty Forum, he managed advertising and vendor relations. Vince's latest project is a documentary film about the FSP's list of 101 Reasons to Move to NH. If you see him with his camera, share your favorite reason with him.

MeravMerav Yaakov learned about the FSP during Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign. She moved to New Hampshire immediately after PorcFest 2011 with her husband and children. During this year’s Liberty Forum planning phase, Merav assembled the team, kept it on track, drafted the initial budget, pushed for more meetings and better communication, and even fed us yummy meals when the days got long. At Liberty Forum, she will provide logistical oversight for non-speaker related issues and provide solutions to any problem, large or small. Merav wants to hear about your conference experience, so please find her and share. Merav may come in a small package, but her contributions are always big.

I would also like to express my thanks to Lindsay D and Marie C, who worked on the inaugural edition of The Free Stater, which will launch at Liberty Forum 2014.

  • Feb 13 2014 

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