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Several months ago my friend and Free State Project compatriot Jenn Coffey let the word out that she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has bravely been blogging about the experience ever since. Although it has been painful and depressing to read, it has been educational for me; I really had no idea what a time-consuming, frustrating pain in the ass it is to get treated for cancer! It seems particularly ironic, in a haha-you’re-really-NOT-being-funny-universe kind of way that Jenn, of all people, has been sidelined with a life-threatening medical condition, because she is one of those seemingly larger-than-life individuals who seems to cram three times as much life into the allotted timeframe than the rest of us... A few of us are putting together a calendar of New Hampshire liberty activist women, as a fundraiser for Jenn and her family. It’s going to be hot. You’ll want one. You need one. Yes, you. Look for them on the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance‘s table at Liberty Forum next month in Nashua.... Read more at Sovereign Sandy.

William C (not verified)

Sorry to hear about your friend! I will keep her in my thoughts.

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