Free State Project Officially Announces 20,000 Signers: 100% Reached

The 3rd of February will now forever be known in liberty circles as "Porcupine Day"--the day after Groundhog Day--and the day the Free State Project officially announced the move has been triggered. Join us in the Free State! Watch the video to see today's press conference. More videos to come!

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Here's a version of the video without the promotion for a group that some of us do not wish to be associated with

nelle (not verified)

Nice of you to stand for bigotry.

From reddit:

Take a look at New Hampshire and the freestateproject (self.WhiteRights)

submitted 3 days ago by freestateprojectNH New Hampshire is one of the whitest states in the US, also one of the safest. And it has one of the lowest tax burden on its citizens. It was ranked as the freest state. The Free State Project is a movement for bunch of proud whites with libertarian views going to one place.

If you want to be surrounded by whites but don't care about politics, still consider moving to New Hampshire. Its over 95% white so you'll feel proud of the state and have a true place to call home.

Anonymous (not verified)

The FSP has a specific policy that people who promote violence, racial hatred, or bigotry are not welcome, and can be removed from the participant database. See here:

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