Forbes: FSP is "Hotbed of Libertarian Activism in the Country"

Kashmir Hill of Forbes covers the Free State Project: "When I speak to [Cody] Wilson months later by phone, he compares the Free State Project in New Hampshire with Silicon Valley; both places have libertarian-leaning techies trying to make disruptive technologies popular. 'Silicon Valley is more capitalized and less about practical liberty than the Free State community, which has a better stake in the freedom at the heart of these technologies,' he says. 'It’s the hotbed of libertarian activism in the country.'” Read the whole article here.

James Thomas (not verified)

Great article! Just a couple of point.

From the article, "New Hampshire (population: 1.3 million) won — narrowly beating out Wyoming (population: 576,000) — and early movers began trickling in to help the state fully realize its “Live Free or Die” motto."

For 1st place votes, New Hampshire beat Wyoming 60% to 40%. Personally, I don't call that narrow but different people have different opinions.

Also from the article, "New Hampshire is one of the few states without a mandatory seatbelt law.."

New Hampshire is the only state without a mandatory adult seatbelt law. That's been the case since 1995, I believe.

Carla Mora (not verified)

Well done~!

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