Economist Covers PorcFest XI

"New Hampshire is a natural stamping-ground for freedom-lovers. It has low taxes, lean bureaucracy and some of the loosest gun laws in America. Grown-ups can ride around without seat-belts or motorcycle helmets. The right to rebel when public liberty is 'manifestly endangered' is enshrined in the state constitution." Read more at The Economist... Photo credit: Vanessa Vine

Mass Independent (not verified)

Grown-ups can ride around without seat-belts or motorcycle helmets.

You call that freedom? I call it freedumb.

Jeremy (not verified)

It's not the fact that they can ride without helmets or seat belts (which is dumb from a safety aspect) but the principle that a government shouldn't restrict someone's civil liberties which is guaranteed under the constitution. It's no different then DUI check points. It takes away your right to move unmolested in this country under the constitution in name of safety. But where do u draw the line. Soon they will say no guns in the USA period since it's for your own safety. Scary precedent this country is setting undermining the constitution.

D (not verified)

Number of years driving: 23. Number of times wearing a seatbelt has protected me from injury: 0

Its funny how stupid people always think everyone else are as stupid as they. Seen how things operate in Australia?

A couple of kids blew their fingers off playing with fireworks: Fireworks are now illegal. People injured crashing on push-bikes: Mandatory helmet law (Yes, on pedal powered bicycles).

A couple of people performed random shootings: Guns are now mostly illegal. Centrefire semi-automatics and pistol grip pump action shotguns are completely illegal. Must be licenced to own a gun. One guy was involved in a brief stand-off with police using a katana: Sword ownership now requires a licence. Carrying any form of blade is illegal. Even in a bag or in your car. Even carrying a swiss army knife is illegal unless you remove the blades. Body armor is illegal.

Owning a pistol (even a paintball gun) requires a pistol licence, which requires you to be fingerprinted and DNA swabbed. If you do have a pistol licence and own a pistol (or any other gun for that matter), you must keep it locked in an approved strong box and must keep any ammunition locked in a separate box. You must not load a pistol except at a designated shooting range.

Anti-villification laws make racist or anti-homosexual comments a criminal offence.

Interesting points about voting: Voter registration is mandatory and voting is also mandatory (fined if you don't). Must show ID when voting. Must inform government of address changes. List of voters addresses is kept on a register that is available for public perousal. Government regularly checks for addresses that have no registered voters and sends electoral representatives to investigate.

This is what happens when the nanny-state gets into full swing. Frankly this is where America is heading (Obama/Clinton have singled out Australia as a model to be followed). And it all starts with "hey, this idiot can't drive safely when he's had two shots of whiskey, let's ban all people from driving after they've had two shots".. Then it moves to "hey, we should force people to wear seatbelts, its for their own good". Once you cross that line into preventing anything that possibly could become dangerous its all downhill from there.

'Beware the protector, for that is how all tyrants clothe themselves." - Plato

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