Calling FSP Signers: Mark in CA


Participant: Mark in Oakland, CA
Signed the Statement of Intent: 2002

Mark remembers the Free State Project! He was just discussing the possibility of his next move with his girlfriend. The FSP had slipped his mind, but it interests him and he could put it in the discussion hat. His main concern would be finding work for his girlfriend, who is working in retail and paying off her student loans.

Mark said that he is “a carpenter to make a living, a farmer to fill [his] soul.” We talked a lot about the Free Stater community and the people. He was very excited at the end of the conversation. They may visit, and if so they'll contact me so we can put together a meet-and-greet. He was so thankful for my call and was excited that this is a new direction they can explore, especially since they were starting to talk about leaving Oakland.

Editor's Note: Since the Free State Project triggered the move, we've been reaching out to thousands of signers and encouraging them to join us in New Hampshire. In this monthly column, we'll highlight a few of the phone conversations we've had. Participants' names will be changed to protect their privacy. Ideas mentioned in these posts are not necessarily endorsed by the FSP.

  • Sep 18 2017 

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