September 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting
September 2, 2013
Present: Rich, Seamas, Varrin, Steve, Jody, Carla, Sharon
Meeting called to order at 8:06pm


  • President’s report
  • LF14
  • PF14
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising
  • Open Sourcing Projects
  • Full-time
  • Cantwell
  • New Board Member/VP Position


  1. President’s report
    1. BEARCAT: We raised >$2,000 for the issue.
    2. LF14: Will be held at Crowne Plaza Feb 20-23, 2014. Started to invite speakers. Merav Yaakov is co-leading this event with Carla and Liam Greap is working with her on soliciting speakers.
    3. PF14: June 22-29, 2014 at Rogers Campground. Since we are now fortunately in a position where we have repeatable teams, so lessons learned, connections, etc., from one event can be used in another event directly. Merav Yaakov is co-leading this event with Carla, and proven teams will be responsible for certain sections.
    4. Marketing: Working on criteria of cost/benefit for advertising on sites, instead of ad hoc "sponsor THIS" type deals.
    5. Fundraising: Got a $15K donation, and have some other potential donors lined up. Had hoped to get sponsorship for "10th anniversary/FSP Birthday Party" to be held in October (would be new signature event to celebrate the "doers" and do fundraising event but was unable to secure baseline funders in addition to volunteered time and space at the Manchester Country Club, so cancelled). Will be invigorating the Trigger the Move (TTM) campaign as a priority over next few weeks.
    6. "Open Sourcing" Projects: Going to be putting projects online and starting to manage volunteer time--fastest way to TTM. Introducing monthly FSP project-based meeting where projects will be publicly managed, with accountability, goals and timelines. This will also help with transparency.
    7. Full-Time!: Very psyched to start my new role. Have a great team of people in place, and folks are pretty excited! Lots to do re LF, PF, Fundraising, website/editorial, PR, and other issues.
  2. Christopher Cantwell

    Board members individually reviewed Chris Cantwell’s post and related Facebook threads before the meeting, and then discussed the situation in detail at the meeting. Rich made a motion to accept the following decision:

    Whereas Chris Cantwell has made the following public statements, been offered the opportunity to retract, and has refused to do so: "It’s a terribly unpopular thing to say, but the answer, at some point, is to kill government agents," and "any level of force necessary for anyone to stop any government agent from furthering said coercion [tax collection in the context of funding the salaries of all government employees] is morally justifiable..."

    Whereas the FSP Board believes this view exceeds the right of self-defense.

    Whereas the Policy and Procedure for Removing Participants (passed 7/11/04) states: Participants may be removed for promoting violence, racial hatred, or bigotry. Participants who are deemed detrimental to the accomplishment of the Free State Project's goals may also be removed.

    Therefore, according to the Policy and Procedure for Removing Participants, the FSP Board removes Chris Cantwell as a participant and declares him unwelcome to attend FSP-organized events.

    Sharon seconded. The vote was unanimous. Jody will draft a letter to send to Chris Cantwell about the decision.

  3. Outgoing Board Member: Varrin made a motion to thank Steve Cobb for his service to the Board as its senior member and in the other positions he has held through his many years of involvement with the Free State Project. Carla seconded. The vote was unanimous.

  4. New Board Member/VP Position: Rich moved to offer Aaron Day to be a new board member and Bylaws VP. Varrin seconded. The vote was unanimous.

Meeting adjourned at 10:28pm.

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