September 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting

September 26, 2011, 8pm


Attending: Rich, Carla, Jody


Board composition/roles/additional members: Thoughts on Seamas and NH state rep George Lambert (I have spoken to him and he is v. interested... think it would be fantastic to get a local involved)? Financials: FSP credit card, fundraising, bitcoins, money bomb Liberty Forum and PorcFest Outreach: LibertyFest; Masscann, Libertopia IT developments: new servers; rolling out new layout Teambox 501 (3) (c) status

Since there was no quorum, this was an informational meeting.

  1. Board composition

We agreed to have Seamas on the Board, and Seamas said he would be “honored” to join.

We thought we’d have to check George out more. There was an objection to having an elected official (George, a NH State Rep from NH, not a mover) on the Board for the purpose of keeping the FSP away from being associated with politics.

One suggestion was to have George on a NH advisory council or something like that, along with some donors.

Other discussion was about other people's roles on the board, like the secretary. Jody’s been writing minutes for the last few meetings, and no minutes were taken last time when it was on the phone. That means that Steve hasn't been to a meeting in at least 3 or 4 months. It was suggested that Steve is AWOL as secretary.

There is also issue with Brandon, and emails shared between him and Carla. We need to come to a resolution about it. Carla says he’d move forward with the non-profit status, but he hasn’t done it. Brandon says that he needs financial information from Carla before anything more can be done.

Carla believes we have a serious commitment issue with the current board members. This mtg was set up months ago. We are all busy and have lives, but if you can't actually commit to this, we need change. Brandon points out that only Carla and Jody decided that the meeting worked best for their schedules and when other members said they would not be available, and the Board didn't set a meeting date at all.

Reminder that the Board is not a doers group; we watch/oversee the doers and protect the organization.

Carla wants to change the Board to a doers group, leading by example, otherwise we are doomed to fail. This needs to be added to the agenda for next meeting.

  1. Financials: FSP credit card, fundraising, bitcoins, money bomb

Seamas's reasoning about having a debit card instead of credit was reasonable.

Past treasurers have been concerned about accounting and fraud.

Having/using a card is a decision of the Trez. (and maybe the Prez).

Need to have a policy in place for limiting who has the debit card number, and ideally, the trez would have to make the transaction.

Apparently the credit card is still in Jason’s name. Need to take it out of his name; figure out through Seamas.

Money bomb: Lawless project. He wants to kick it off 10/1, and announce that fsp will be accepting bitcoins.

We adjourned the formal meeting at this point (8:38pm). Carla and Rich continued to chat. Other agenda items will be on the next meeting agenda.

Respectfully submitted,


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