October 29 2003 Board Meeting Minutes

Free State Project Board Meeting 29 October 2003

In Attendance:

Mary Lou Seymour Amanda Maxwell Tim Condon Matt Cheselka

  1. On Jason's request, Mary Lou called the meeting to order at 8:16 pm eastern time

  2. Old Business

A. Web Team Policy Matt moved that The Web Team, consisting of Matt Cheselka, Tom Parker, and Steve Cobb are responsible for day to day running of the website and associated tech features. The President is responsible for overseeing the Team and solving any problems on a day to day basis. Mary Lou 2nd After discussion, vote was 4 in favor, 1 absent, 0 against. Motion passes.

B. Logos and Trademarks Mary Lou moved that Steve Cobb's policy presented to the Board in it's 25 October 2003 meeting be adopted and as follows: "We need the main logo, and also a variation "FSP Partner" logo that would contain the FSP logo, modeled on the Amazon.com Associate program. To be an FSP partner, a company would have to maintain some business standards, e.g. send us a sample of their goods. The FSP logo may be used only with the explicit permission of the FSP, and only for official FSP business. A separate FSP Partner logo may be provided to certain authorized third parties. Web banners have been created for linking to the FSP web site. They may be used without advance permission. The FSP may grant authorization to use the FSP Partner logo to certain entities that have satisfied the requirements for FSP partnership. Appearing on a web site, the FSP Partner logo will always contain a link to the FSP web site home page. The FSP may without cause or explanation revoke authorization to display the FSP Partner logo, having first given advance notice, not more than 90 days, to prevent any business losses. If an entity violates the requirements for FSP partnership, the FSP may revoke authorization to display the logo without warning. Any person or corporation wanting FSP partnership shall establish to the FSP's satisfaction that the business activity is legitimate, e.g. by providing full contact details and a sample of the merchandise to be sold." Matt 2nd Mary Lou offers and ammendment to the motion. The requirements for FSP partnership isn't clearly defined in Steve's policy. Mary Lou suggests the following: "that the requirement for FSP partnership be that the entity (person or business) who wishes to be an FSP parter have items that are related to the mission of the FSP and in good taste." Tim 2nd After discussion, vote was 4 in favor, 1 absent, 0 against. Motion passes. 3. New Business

A. Logo and Trademark License Fee Mary Lou moved that the license fee shall be 5% of gross sales Matt 2nd After discussion, vote was 4 in favor, 1 absent, 0 against. Motion passes.

B. Parterships in the Queue Mary Lou moved that until the partner logo is ready, those standing "in line" and those already using the official logo may continue to do so, but will be asked to change as soon as the partner logo is available. Matt 2nd After discussion, vote was 4 in favor, 1 absent, 0 against. Motion passes.

C. CPA Check of Logo and Trademark License Fee Amanda requested that the board have Malcolm Hastings check over the licensing fee for tax purposes The board members agreed unanimously 4. Adjournment

Mary Lou moved that the meeting be closed Matt 2nd No Discussion Vote was 3 in favor, 2 absent, 0 against. Motion Passes Meeting closed 10:02pm eastern time.

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