October 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting

October 31, 2012

Attending: Rich, Séamas, Jody, Varrin, Carla, Sharon (late)

Meeting started 8:14pm

Note: Originally scheduled meeting was postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. Meeting was rescheduled with less than the required seven days’ notice, and Stephen Cobb could not attend. He has no objections to the decisions made or these minutes as posted.


Welcome Sharon


        Chris Lopez:

        Atlas Shrugged Outreach


Prez Report

501c3 news

LF Status

O-list refresh

Performance Criteria

Post-election publicity plans.

Postponed Welcome Sharon until Sharon arrives.

Chris Lopez: She’s working out great. She will be sending about 1000 welcome letters/recruit someone letters in the next couple of weeks. Funding is fine.

Atlas Shrugged Outreach: Great both times. Some connections were made for contributions, nothing done yet (waiting for 501(c)3 status). Jody and Séamas contributed miles and bed to make it low cost/free.

Curtis: The Board communicated last to him, and it’s been more than 2 months ago.

Prez Report:

· Putting together a PR team

· PR Retreat this weekend with Kari dePhillips plus 10 others. The PR retreat is strategic, training and on-the-ground work. Should yield some results. If it doesn't, Carla will reevaluate

· We've ordered new trifolds, lots of outreach, spoke to a new mover (coming Feb. to teach at UNH) who is willing to help with big ticket sponsorships.

· Lots of new movers that we are, and should constantly be making sure, to welcome since they are excited about helping with projects.

Welcome Sharon!


· We are still waiting to hear from the IRS. They sent us a form letter one month after they received the application (and cashed our $850 check) letting us know that they will get back to us in 3 months. So we should hear from them by the end of November.

· A question was raised as to whether we could use other vehicles to accept tax-free donations, for example, through third party 501c3s. What we know is: that C3s can sponsor our events or speakers but they can’t pass money directly on to us.

· It was also suggested that we create a separate 501c3 if the IRS will not acknowledge our non-profit status.

LF Status: Chris Lawless sent an email earlier today:

Theme: Liberty: Made in NH

  1. Contract with Hotel is signed sealed and delivered.

  2. The website and registration is 90% done. (THANK YOU JON M.)

  3. Just getting some core people together to get this rolling.

  4. I think I only have 2 trips left this year. So I can get cracking on LF. I have lots of notes and will get organized this week.

  5. Tom Woods has verbally agreed to be the keynote speaker. Will finish that up this week.

  6. My contract with the FSP will be sent over later today. (we haven’t received it yet)

  7. I will try to do weekly updates for LF.

  8. I forget what 8 was for.

  9. I will have a budget done this week.

  10. We already sold one vendor table.

O-list refresh: Glen, Bill D, Cathleen, and Seth are all silent. Glen will be removed. Then, what is the O-List for? Carla does not use it for doing things, which seems appropriate. We decided to table this discussion to next time.

Performance Criteria:

· Discussion has already begun on the O-List. Steve suggested categories, and Seamas added to them, plus some other discussion.

· Discussion here about measurable and controllable vs. less controllable objectives.

· Setting goals too high doesn’t work and doesn’t measure the organization’s performance well.

· Signup rate is not directly controllable, but it is what matters.

· Raising funds is controllable. Perhaps increase the percentage of donors, but not donations.

· Number of outreach events is controllable, but isn’t what matters in the long run. It might go toward quantity rather than quality.

· Publicity is controllable.

· What’s important: getting SOIs, organizing movers, raising the publicity of the FSP, making alliances with other pro-liberty organizations

· We decided to move this discussion to email, formulate a set of goals, and then Carla will respond and we tweak.

Post-election publicity plans:

· The first PR drop we're planning is "jobs are moving to NH," then "are you mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore?" interspersed with election successes. Start creating diverse tracks of "stories" that all for "whatever reason" lead back to NH, and the FSP.

· It was suggested that we might like some sedate people too.

· They will address at PR retreat.

Meeting adjourned at 10:11pm.

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