October 2006 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 10/22/2006

In attendance:

Jon Maltz Sandy Pierre Jason Sorens Morey Straus Brian Sullivan Absent:

Steve Cobb Varrin Swearingen

Meeting Agenda:

I. Review and update FSP Policies

II. Discuss priorities for spending between these large items: Participant (F1K + LF) mailing, Liberty Forum, Advocates prospecting mailing

III. Approve spending in the appropriate amount for the Advocates Prospecting mass mailing

Meeting is called to order at 2:30PM FST. Jason asks Sandy to chair the meeting.

I. Review and update FSP Policies

The current FSP Policies are posted here: http://freestateproject.org/ about/policies.php Brief discussion of a few policies. Consensus is that this matter isn't urgent, and it might be better to wait until all Directors are present. Morey moves to postpone this item to the next meeting; Jon seconds.

II. Discuss spending priorities

Varrin requested feedback from the Board on prioritizing spending amongst the following three items:

Participant mailing covering First 1000 and the Liberty Forum Liberty Forum Mass mailing to the Advocates for Self-Government mailing list Jason points out that the FSP doesn't currently have enough money to fund all three. Brief discussion of fundraising returns on mass mailings.

Sandy moves to prioritize spending in this order: F1K + LF mailing, then Liberty Forum, then possibly an Advocates prospecting mailing; Morey seconds. Morey moves to close discussion; Jason seconds. Voting on closing discussion: 5 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstentions.

Voting on motion: 5 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstentions. Motion passes.

III. Approve spending for the Advocates prospecting mass mailing

Varrin had mentioned that a mailing to the full Advocates list would exceed the current budget, but an exact figure was not yet available. It would be ~$14,500. He doesn't yet have a quote on mailing to part of the list but he's working on that. Brief discussion. Consensus is that, due to unresolved year-end issues, it seems premature to commit to this large an expense. Jason suggests approving the mailing, but requesting that it be delayed until January.

Jason is losing power, leaves meeting at 2:49PM. Quorum is lost.

Informal consensus of remaining directors is to table this item until November, leaning towards not authorizing a mailing until January 2007.

Sandy unofficially moves to adjourn; Morey unofficially seconds. Unofficially voting: 3 ayes, 0 nays, 1 abstention. Meeting unofficially adjourned at 2:58PM.

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