November 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

Date: 21 November 2010

Location: Yahoo Messenger

Present: Rich Goldman (acting Chairman), Cathleen Converse (Treasurer), Steve Cobb (Secretary), Varrin Swearingen (FSP President), Louis Calitz, Brandon Ross, and Jody Underwood.


  1. Opening of Meeting & Preliminaries

  2. Approval of the October meeting's Minutes

  3. Welcoming Jody Underwood to the Board

  4. Thanking Irena Goddard for past service to the Board

  5. Treasurer's Report

  6. President's Report

  7. Liberty Forum Update & Issues

  8. FSP Goals

  9. New Business

  10. Opening of Meeting & Preliminaries

  11. Approval of the October meeting's Minutes

The previous meeting’s minutes could not be found easily on the web site. They are available at:

However, the “book” of meeting minutes is broken and requires attention from FSPIT.

  1. Welcoming Jody Underwood to the Board

The Board welcomed its newest member, Jody Underwood, who took the seat vacated by Irena Goddard.

  1. Thanking Irena Goddard for past service to the Board

The Board voted 7-0 to formally thank Irena Goddard for her service as a Board Member, including her time as Chair, and for her other contributions to the FSP including Liberty Forum Organizer, Vice President, and President.

  1. Treasurer's Report

Cathleen Converse reported that available cash today is $10,310.55, after the silver order, with a $1000 payment to the Liberty Forum organizer to be made on the December 1st.

  1. President's Report

Varrin Swearingen reported that media inquiries have picked up over the last couple months, and he had given a few interviews, including the Keene Sentinel and New York Magazine.

The website hosting transition is complete. Jon M is now in charge of it.

The FSP has started a three-month advertising campaign on Peter Schiff's radio show.

The Magazine project is now officially on hold until further notice pending funding and a functional management structure.

Steve has taken on the tri-fold project which has led to a future agenda item for us.

IT has been working hard on LF registration. They've also committed to a Nov 30th deadline on the project management tools.

Brandon has agreed to manage the money bomb. The deadline for project design is this coming Friday with a tentative date of December 16th.

Varrin will meet with Curtis on the 22nd to finish discussing PorcFest planning.

The direct-mail project is now waiting on the tri-fold and money.

Jody agreed to work on developing FSP training programs.

  1. Liberty Forum Update & Issues

A keynote speaker has been identified but not confirmed.

  1. FSP Goals

Steve Cobb reported that the Participation Guidelines (PG) are different in three places:

The Bylaws, section 7:

The PG web page:

The current tri-fold brochure:

The PG contains the only reference to the 20K threshold for triggering the move to New Hampshire. Furthermore, the current Join screens lack a reference to the PG. The PG must be urgently updated, synchronized, and linked to from the Join pages.

The FSP mission has become outdated, overtaken by events. It should be updated to reflect the fact that pro-liberty activists are moving to New Hampshire early. The new mission should provide a framework for a wider range of migration options, while respecting the original 20K initiative.

The Statement of Intent somehow lost a phrase “people’s rights to” before “life, liberty, and property”. This should be restored.

The Board agreed that Steve Cobb would draft the new text of the above items for further discussion.

  1. New Business

The Board discussed the need to find better ways to recognize volunteer efforts.

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