November 2006 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 11/19/06

In attendance:

Steve Cobb Sandy Pierre Morey Straus Brian Sullivan Varrin Swearingen Absent:

Jon Maltz Jason Sorens Meeting Agenda

I. First 1000

II. status report on PorcFest 2007

III. status report on New Hampshire Liberty Forum

Meeting, which was scheduled for 2:00PM, is called to order at 3:02. Directors left waiting for an hour were not amused. In Jason's absence, Varrin offers to chair.

I. First 1000

Sandy reports that she has been posting sorta-weekly status reports on the progress of the F1K campaign on the dedicated F1K Yahoo list. Provides copy of most recent report for Directors' convenience. This past week was our third highest sign up week all year. It's pointed out that the chair of the Vermont LP recently signed. Discussion of the possibility of proactively signing up people known to have already moved.

Jon Maltz joins the meeting at 3:14PM.

II. status report on PorcFest 2007

Varrin reports that we have a contract, but it hasn't been signed yet. The dates and location have been nailed down, still working on ironing out the contract details. Concern is expressed that contract hasn't been finalized yet. Some of the delay is on Gunstock's end; some is on ours. Varrin reports that there is an outstanding need to fill the FSP's VP position(s) to help him in overseeing projects such as this. No ETA is available on a finalized contract. Rich is out of town this weekend representing the FSP at the Students for Sensible Drug Policy conference.

III. status report on New Hampshire Liberty Forum

Planning is going well. Irena is highly praised for her management skills. We have sold 65 Stossel keynote dinners so far, and advertising has hardly begun. Earlybird pricing ends in a few days. A new volunteer to handle advertising would be helpful. Chris L. has planning for the vendor tables and the ski trip under control. Denis is handling website registration. Michelle L. is coordinating a volunteer team for the conference. The speaker list is being finalized.

Discussion of the need for new VP's, Varrin's recent post on the Doers list, new IT team volunteer Louis, and what a great job he's doing.

Returning to agenda item 1, discussion of year-end plan for First 1000. Discussion of issuing a press release, accelerating F1K email schedule to once/week, and "robo-calling", running F1K again next year, F1K phone banking.

Freewheeling discussion of Rothbardian philosophy, ideas for the future of the FSP, website upgrade, responses from Time magazine article, the need for more volunteers. Varrin discusses his idea for a recruitment project for next year.

Two important questions remain:

1: What to do in response to First 1000 2: What to do overall re: the FSP

Ideas are discussed, but decisions are deferred until next month.

Morey moves to adjourn; Jon seconds.

Voting on motion: 6 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstentions.

Meeting adjourned at 4:29PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Pierre, Secretary

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