November 2003 Board Meeting Minutes

Free State Project Board Meeting 8 November 2003

In Attendance:

Jason Sorens Mary Lou Seymour Amanda Maxwell Matt Cheselka

  1. Jason called the meeting to order at 1:37 pm eastern time

  2. Old Business

A. Election of Treasurer Jason moved that the board elect Malcolm Hastings as treasurer, provided he is willing to undertake the responsibilities, including coordinating the effort to apply for 501c4 status, and offer Amanda Phillips the option to remain an organizer and assistant to Malcolm, with possible future responsibilities in leadership. Mary Lou 2nd After discussion, the motion was amended by Jason to elect Malcolm Hastings as treasurer of the Free State Project. Mary Lou 2nd vote was 4 in favor, 1 absent, 0 against. Motion passes. 3. New Business

A. Relationship with other organizations in New Hampshire Mary Lou moved that Jason draft a short paragraph outlining the policy of the FSP towards other orgs in NH Amanda 2nd After discussion, vote was 4 in favor, 1 absent, 0 against. Motion passes.

B. Travel Reimbursement Jason moved that when a person is traveling on approved fsp business, he or she may receive driving compensation at the rate of 25 cents a mile without specific further approval, while if he or she needs a hotel, plane ticket, rental car, or other transportation or lodging reimbursement costing more than $100 in total, he or she must receive specific approval of those expenditures before receiving reimbursement; the approval of the president is necessary and sufficient for amounts below $500, while the approval of the president and at least one board member is necessary and sufficient for amounts above $500; and that approval must be given in writing, whether by email or letter. Mary Lou 2nd After discussion, vote was 4 in favor, 1 absent, 0 against. Motion passes.

C. Publicity Director Matt moved that the BoD recognizes the importance of immediately finding a Publicity Director and strongly suggests that the president and anyone he designates locate one and report back to the board on or by 15 November 2003. Mary Lou 2nd After discussion, vote was 4 in favor, 1 absent, 0 against. Motion passes.

D. Member Designations There was a discussion of the possibility of having different "names" for different member to designate whether the member is a resident of NH, has moved to NH since the vote, or is a "regular member" who will move in the future. Tim, being absent, was directed to the names & come up with a proposal.

E. Adding Educational Issues to the FAQ There was also a discussion of Steve Cobb's suggested addition to the FAQ about education issues, and, it was decided to review the proposal posted by Steve for a vote at the Dec. mtg. The Board also gave an "informal instruction" that if any directives for officers are voted on in the board mtg, the directive should be posted to the O list as soon as possible, and not wait for the minutes; it should be the secretary if no one else, but we don't need to stand on formality...folks should take initiative if they see a need. 4. Adjournment

Jason moved that the meeting be closed Matt 2nd No Discussion Vote was 4 in favor, 1 absent, 0 against. Motion Passes Meeting closed.

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