May 2006 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 5/12/06

In attendance:

Steve Cobb Sandy Pierre Jason Sorens Morey Straus Brian Sullivan Absent:

Varrin Swearingen Meeting Agenda:

Discuss vacant Board seat Schedule June Board meeting PorcFest Keynote speaker PIC Reports and invoices Meeting is called to order at 2:24PM.

I. Vacant Board seat

There's a general consensus to hold off on the discussion of a new Boardmember until the June meeting, which will probably take place in person at PorcFest.

II. June Board meeting

Discussion of scheduling the June meeting for some time on Sunday June 25.

Varrin joins the meeting at 2:31PM. All Directors are now present.

After some discussion, this item is deferred until all of the Directors have solidified their PorcFest travel plans.

III. PorcFest Headline speaker

As of now, a headline speaker has not been nailed down for PorcFest. However, the schedule is full anyway, so this does not present an issue schedule-wise. Kate Rick has reported that PF planning is going fine.

IV. PIC Report and invoices

Morey posted a PIC report to the Board list prior to the meeting. He agreed to clean it up a bit prior to forwarding to the Doers list and FSP forum. Morey has received invoices from PIC; he will run them by the appropriate project manager(s) and then forward them to Jason for payment.

Since the agenda has been completed, there is an impromptu discussion of the status of the new website. Steve reports that the forum has been migrated to the new server. The next step is for Seth C. to move the main site to site 5. He will then finish migrating the member database. There is no timeline on finishing the database migration. Sandy should proceed with using the old database and interface. The membership counter on the home page will be fixed "real soon now".

Discussion of updating membership info with the list of known address updates and the stack of to-be-processed new member signup forms. Varrin will mail the forms to Sandy for processing.

Discussion of the number of members who exercised the option to opt out when the Statement of Intent was revised last fall. The number is quite small.

Jason moves to adjourn. Varrin seconds.
4 ayes, 1 nay, 1 abstention. Motion fails.

Discussion of the status of PorcFest and how it appears to be shaping up. As of now, attendance looks to fall somewhere between PF04 and PF05. Discussion of how to increase promotion.

Discussion of the status of the First 1000 pledge. Discussion of 2007 PorcFest Czar/Poohbah.

Sandy moves to adjourn. Varrin seconds. 5 ayes, 1 nay Motion carries.

Meeting is adjourned at 3:42PM.

Respectfully submitted, Sandy Pierre, Secretary

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