June 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting PorcFest 6/26/14 Meeting started at 10:10am

Attending: Carla, Seamas, Aaron, Sharon, Varrin, Rich (on phone), Jason Sorens (invited)

Agenda: 1. President’s report 2. Sponsor relations 3. BoD/Sharon’s proposal 4. State of PorcFest

President’s report In addition to her regular reports of what’s been done, Carla will also include gaps and things that were expected to be done but are not yet completed or need more resources. There was a request to have more structure in this report, including who is in charge of different tasks.

Sponsor relations 1. In addition to general event sponsors, a Mission Partner ("MP") category has been created to recognize long-term supporters. Mission Partners will have explicit sponsorship agreements so that terms do not have to be renegotiated for each event as is currently the case. 2. There will be levels with associated perks, going from $10,000 and down. It will be on the web site. 3. Jason Osborne proposed a plan to Carla for a FTL MP contract. Séamas will discuss the contract progress with Mark Edgington.

BoD/Sharon’s proposal 1. Sharon proposed an organization of committees to get things done. 2. Varrin moved to propose a leader of the Sponsor Relations committee by July 15, seconded by Rich. 3. Carla will work with Sharon’s proposal, include a description of the sponsor relations position, and present it to the board over email.

State of PorcFest We decided to wait until after PorcFest for the report about its state.

Adjourned 11:45am.

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