June 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

Free State Project
Board Meeting
June 21, 2013
Present: Varrin, Carla, Jody
Phone: Rich, Steve, Sharon

At PorcFestX


Meeting called to order around noon.


  1. PorcFest.
    1. Going great. The organization is the best yet. In good shape financially. Sold out of FSP hoodies really quickly, so need some more.
    2. The Vines will not organize next year. New organization idea is to have many people managing different aspects and report to Carla.
    3. The dates are projected to be June 22-29.
    4. Farm to Table lunches with speakers has been great. Carla wants to continue this tradition.
  2. Fundraising has slowed down. Some follow-up needs to happen.

    Carla will be working full time through August at least. Some people might not be happy since they donated money to support her in her FSP role, specifically to Trigger the Move. However, Carla has continued to work full-time for the FSP, even while holding a full-time job, since Liberty Forum. Carla could keep a timesheet, if there seems to be a need.

  3. Liberty Forum.

    1. Looking at the Radisson (downtown Manchester) vs. the Crowne Plaza, with a preference for the Radisson 1/31-2/3. Crowne Plaza dates would be later. Dates to be decided next week with Merav.
    2. Becky Anderson will help with the newsletter through November.
    3. Merav might run LF. Same organizational idea as PF: many people doing “what they love” and reporting to one person.
    4. Try to get Lew Rockwell as a keynote.
    5. Maybe have a Mises track? An Atlas track? As part of a sponsor package.
  4. Need to file for Foundation status asap.
  5. The web site will be released next week. First send to Chris Lawless for review and signoff to pay Louis.
  6. Presidency. Carla should stay on until we Trigger the Move, but may step down next month. Mark Warden is a candidate to be the next president; we’ll talk to him after the next PorcFest. We need to do a wider search, perhaps look at think tanks.
  7. Sovereign Living would like the FSP to sponsor them. Carla will follow up in email, addressing budget and return on investment.
  8. Board rotation.
    1. We need to recruit. Some feel the organization would benefit from having either Steve or Varrin remain on the board for corporate memory. Jason Sorens is moving to NH later this summer; could consider him.
    2. O-list isn’t very active lately. Need to refresh it. Follow up on these issues on the O-list. Add Merav?
  9. Need to have a VP (required by the bylaws) and use the framework of the org chart. We should plan to vote on a VP at our next meeting and identify candidates for the other remaining positions.

Meeting adjourned around 1pm.

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