June 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting June 23, 2012

Attending: Seamas, Carla, Rich, Varrin, Jody, Brandon

Started at 9:35am at Rogers Campground

501c3 would be easier if Brandon’s resignation was dated early August.

Two more reviews: Varrin and Carla. Final version will be ready a week after that.


· We’ll chip in for a spa day for Sharon. For Jason: bacon and booze? Carla will take care of logistics.

· Rogers had water problems again. Hard to find another place. Some people are talking about buying a campground somewhere.

· Everything else is going great.

· Sharon may not want to do it next year. She needs a protégé. We want them!

· Dates will be set tomorrow with Crosby.

· Speakers like the VIP lounge. Maybe a different name: first class ticket, paid more money.

· Next year’s program: Have a clear definition of what the FSP is.

Appreciation with Carla as president.


Curtis was banned from PF but not from the FSP. There should be language in the PorcFest registration information including a waiver of liability, a statement that this is private event, and that the Board and the organizers reserve the right to refuse admittance. (wording to be figured out).

Action: Tell Curtis that we stand by the decision but also that he is still part of the FSP. Even though Carla was the loudest about it, it was the organizer that wanted it. Grounds for not being welcome: being vocal about disrupting the planning and the event.

Replacing Brandon

Candidates: Stephen Prints – add him to the O list. Jason’s father Michael. Solicit recommendations from the O list and the Doers list. Tell us who and why. Rich will do it.

Silver Circle. The FSP logo appears in an animated film which may lead some people to think the FSP is advocating violence. The film is a work of free artistic expression. But the FSP absolutely should not support, advocate, or be linked to such violence. Carla will contact Silver Circle to resolve the matter.

Brandon thinks certain representatives of the FSP should know better than to use certain substances during a public event and while it's being recorded. That this reflects negatively on the FSP and everybody associated with it. Carla suggests that public desensitization is good. Brandon reminds that the mission of the FSP is to move people to New Hampshire, and not as a tool for personal causes.

Brandon comments again that FSP's mission is limited. Regarding same event, FSP representatives should not solicit relationships with certain policy/activist groups.

Next meeting: in two months.

Meeting adjourned at 10:33am.

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