July 2011 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting

July 24, 2011

Attending: Rich Goldman, Jody Underwood, Carla Gericke, Brandon Ross (8:15)

Meeting started around 8pm


Treasurer; FreedomFest; website hacking fix; PF, past, future; LF update; Libertopia; LibertyFest NYC

No quorum, so informational meeting.


· Two people are currently being considered: Seamas Oscalaidhe and Merav Yaakov. Jody knows both, Mark Warden recommends Seamas. Merav lives in-state, Seamas doesn’t.

· Jody will contact both of them.

· But first: Need a description of responsibilities and skills from Cathleen.

· Someone mentioned having an in-state person so it’s easier to interact with them.

· The treasurer does not have to be a board position, especially since we don't know the potential candidates well. Can try a “test run” of some sort.

Freedom Fest

· Carla wrote a short report on FB in Doers.

· Thanks to Carla and Mark Warden for doing a great job!

· Through chip-in, about $1200 was raised, and they’re about $700 in the hole. FSP/Cathleen can reimburse them.

Thiel proposal:

· Cobb wrote a draft about a platform idea, which Carla pitched to Thiel.

· Discussion about the proposal. A question was raised about its likelihood of getting funded. As Carla understands it, Thiel wants to fund "common sense technology" and not just general stuff, so we need to pitch a platform that would be the “kick assest volunteer org ever”.

· Carla will first follow up with a “hi nice to meetcha” email, where she will ask if he’d be willing to give money to a general fund a la seasteading. Then follow up with a technical proposal. But first, flesh out Cobb’s idea, Louis will work on it, then Jody, and it will be sent to the rest of the Board.

· Suggestion to move this discussion to the Org list.

website hacking:

· There was a spam/bot problem, where people were seeing a blank FSP page

· It’s fixed according to Louis... and he's keeping an eye on it


· Carla wants to have Jason and Sharon Osborne take over next year

· Has already discussed with them and Curtis and it should be okay.

· Curtis will hopefully have a role to play in marketing

· They should be able to get the balance of “partying” vs. “normal by comparison” and to do “agora” smarter

· Rich wanted to reiterate the concern over liability: the less the FSP is responsible for, the better

· Carla has a file from PF11 along with the final budget that will help with PF12 planning

Liberty Forum

· Feb 23-26, Chris Lawless heading it up

· Will be in Nashua, but we don’t have a contract with a hotel yet, and we’re still waiting to hear about Bretton Woods

· Carla is interested in doing an investment/incubator event in October at Bretton Woods, which would be the third FSP signature event


· Carla was invited to speak

· Need to do a chip-in, and we’re looking at other software options

· Cost: plane tix, hotel, waiting for a quote on a booth

· Carla prefers having a tag team, and Chris Lawless may be in CA at that time for work anyway… Carla already spoke to him about it.

Libertyfest NYC:

· Need a person to man a booth

· Mike Finger can’t make it, will probably ask Tennyson

· Also need new pamphlets and banner: cost at least $1k

· Linda Lagana is already working on banners

· Will ask Erik Voorhees and some other graphic designers to design new pamphlets

· Jim Babb also may be able to help

· Carla will put together some specs and then have people compete on FB & G+ to design the coolest one

· Deadline: event is Sept 10

· We’re not speaking, so we’re not on their web site. We’ll hopefully be on the schedule next year.

Next Meeting:

· Let’s pick a day other than Sunday.

· Mondays are good for Carla and Jody.

· Have meetings every other month.

· Rich will find a date

Adjourned at 9:21pm (minutes submitted by Jody)

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