July 2006 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 7/15/06

In attendance:

Jon Maltz Sandy Pierre Jason Sorens Morey Straus Brian Sullivan Varrin Swearingen Absent:

Steve Cobb

Meeting Agenda:

I. widespread database access and email list expansion.

II. formalize a written disclaimer for the website and written communications that will allow us to start publicizing specific Free-Stater success in New Hampshire (specific, though de-identified so as to be generic).

III. make a decision re: selling Roger Grant's video on our website

IV. updated PIC report, based on Varrin's conversations with Brian G. at his house, as well as a recap of what was covered on Sunday at PorcFest

V. IT update. What's the status of switching to the new database?

VI. 2007 New Hampshire Liberty Forum budget issues

Meeting is called to order at 2:15PM FST.

I. widespread database access and email list expansion

Per Varrin, "email list expansion" means expanding the use of our email list(s) for FSP promotion. Currently, we only email the entire email list once a month, for distribution of the FSP News. "Widespread database access" is related to sharing participant phone numbers with volunteers for F1K calling purposes.

Steve Cobb joined the meeting at 2:24PM. All Directors are now present.

Several issues were raised in regards to distributing participant phone numbers to volunteers. Discussion of these issues.
Discussion of how to manage a phone calling project.

Varrin makes the following motion; Morey seconds: The FSP Authorizes releasing names and telephone numbers in its database to individual volunteers for phone calling as a part of specific projects under these conditions: 1: The phone calling project is approved by the President and/or Board 2: The volunteers are screened and trained 3: The volunteers only receive names and numbers 4: The volunteers are asked to keep the names, numbers and results of calls confidential 5: The volunteers are asked to report back with results including bad numbers

Morey moves to close discussion; Jason seconds. Voting on closing discussion: 7 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstentions

Voting on original motion: 7 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstentions Motion passes 7-0.

II. formalize a written disclaimer for the website and written communications that will allow us to start publicizing specific Free-Stater successes in New Hampshire

Discussion of the need for a disclaimer. The one currently on the NHFree website re: the Free State Activism DVD, written by Varrin, was presented as a sample. The one on the FSP News page, written by Jon, was presented as another sample. Morey suggests making a separate web page containing the disclaimer, and linking to it as necessary. Varrin agrees to finalize the wording, based on his sample, create a new FSP web page to hold it, and provide a link to the Board for comments.

III. selling Roger Grant's video on FSP website

The Board is in consensus that selling the video would be beneficial to the FSP. Discussion of details re: price, fulfillment, whether to buy wholesale, sell by consignment, or pay a flat sum to Roger for distribution rights. Concern was expressed about using donor funds to pay Roger, as not all Organizers favor selling this DVD. There is no hard policy as to what will or won't be sold in the FSP store. It has been left to the discretion of the store manager (Phil Denisch) and PR Director (Steve Cobb), to decide how to sell the DVD.

IV. updated PIC report

Brian Gottstein informally shared preliminary survey results to some Directors at PorcFest. Based on those results, he will update the general tri-fold. Varrin has seen a draft and it looks "great". The update should make it more suitable for our target audience. The survey tells us one overriding thing: of the people who already know enough about us to find the survey, their main interest is in seeing libertarian ideas work. Varrin and Morey agree to produce a full PIC report within a few days. We will use the results to tailor our First 1000 call campaign.

V. IT update

Jon is having technical issues completing the new signup form in CiviCrm. He needs technical help to complete. The original ETA for completing the switch to the new database was April; no revised estimate has been provided by the IT department. Discussion of paying someone to do it. Seth has requested more guidance re: what demographic info to gather in the new database and revised signup form. Jon feels he can complete the signup form and database transfer himself, if necessary, but there is the potential for mishaps due to lack of experience with Drupal. Steve calls Seth to discuss. Steve says that an IT update will be posted to several lists shortly. Jon accepts responsibility for completing the database migration.

VI. 2007 NHLF budget issues

Irena Goddard has not yet submitted a budget request. Discussion of whether or not NHLF should be expected to break even. At the moment, the FSP doesn't have much in the way of unallocated funds. PorcFest didn't use all of its budgeted funds; however, the 1Q financials aren't done yet so we aren't certain of the exact figure.

Morey moves to authorize Varrin to allocate a preliminary budget not to exceed $2000; Sandy seconds. Discussion. Varrin moves to close discussion; Morey seconds. Voting on closing discussion: 7 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstentions Voting on original motion: 7 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstentions Motion passes.

Varrin moves to adjourn; Jason seconds. Voting on motion to adjourn: 7 ayes, 0 nays, 0 abstentions

Meeting is adjourned at 4:07PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandy Pierre, Secretary

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