January 2013 Board Meeting Minutes

FSP Board Meeting

January 14, 2013

Meeting called to order at 8:06pm on skype.

Attending: Rich, Seamas, Steve, Jody, Varrin (for a short while), and Carla

Absent: Sharon


  1. President’s report

  2. 501c3, donor packets, and fundraising efforts

  3. Free State Now

  4. New website

  5. Liberty Forum

  6. Porcfest

  7. Donor database policy

  8. President’s report:

· New signers in Dec = 94, signers SO FAR in Jan = 98.

· Kari is working out great with PR strategy

· FB FSP group's privacy status changed from "public" to "closed." The process for new members remain the same (i.e. have to be authorized by an admin). The FSP page remains public."

· Chris Lopez is still great. We’ll need to do another fundraiser for 2013-14 around May.

  1. 501c3, donor packets, and fundraising efforts

· The IRS is currently working on March 2012 501(c)3 applications so, barring them getting even further behind, they should started on ours around May.

· Donor packets should state something to the effect of, “if we obtain 501(c)3 status all donations after late July 2012 will be tax deductible. And that there is no guarantee that we will get it.”

· Donor packets will be ready for Liberty Forum.

· Carla is building a team and will focus on fundraising in the next 6-9 months.

· Some board members have connections to people who used to donate. They will share the new donor packets with them.

  1. Free State Now

· Free State Now is up and running with a new website, Facebook page, phone bank. They are revenue neutral and should be considered another “recruitment arm” like PF and LF.

· William Kostric and JJ are running the show. They and Joan Bastek are the primary callers. Carla keeps in touch with them. They have a script.

· They use their own lists, and will not get access to FSP lists.

· Verification: all calls are recorded.

· All workers must sign NDAs.

· Good publicity work.

  1. New website

· New FSP web site is being built, but will not be rolled out until LF.

  1. Liberty Forum

· Going “swimmingly”, as Chris’s regular reports tell us

· Carla wants to be more involved next year

· Size is limited by venue

· Press is being invited to attend – targeting 75-100 journalists

  1. Porcfest

· Mike and Vanessa Finger are the main organizers, along with Jason Osborne.

· Website looks good and should launch soon.

· Carla will have first big meeting with whole team 1/20.

· Tenth anniversary! Hoping to go BIG!

  1. Donor database policy

· Discussed having a policy similar to the participant database on donor information. Seamas drafted a policy:

Financial reports will be provided to the Board by the Treasurer on at least an annual basis.

Donor names and addresses should be treated as highly confidential information. Everyone who receives such information must first sign a non-disclosure agreement. The President and Treasurer get a complete copy the Donor Database with appropriate updates. Anyone else who wants the donor information needs a reason for getting it, needs to get permission from the President, and gets the smallest possible subset of information required to do the job. The President will notify the board of all such filled requests.

· Rich asked to add that the database file should be encrypted/protected. It’s probably fine to share it only via Google Docs.

· High-level donor info will be included in Treasurer’s yearly report.

· Carla motioned to vote on this donor privacy policy. Seamas seconded. Policy passed without objection.

Rich moved to adjourn. Jody seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25pm.

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